IWSF Old News Headlines

This document will contain all expired headlines that were posted on the main page for historical refernece. The expiration will be about 30-60 days.

31Jan00 World Ranking List for jump reissued

Some female junior scores were incorrect and affected the top places.
All corrections in all events are listed in the all data section.

29Jan00 World Ranking List for slalom reissued

Many male scores in senior division and some in junior division at 55kmph were incorrectly included. This list includes all corrections up to this point.

27Jan00 IWSF creates first ever World Ranking for Ski Flying

Sponsored by Correct Craft

Ski Flying
All Ski Fly Data

26Jan00 1999 Preliminary World Ranking List is now available

Sponsored by Correct Craft

List of Tournaments
All Data (500K)
Problems reported
This now starts the 30 day correction period. Overall and Ski Flying will be available shortly.
Please notify the List Chairman, Bob Corson, of any errors with this mail link.

24Jan00 Moomba Masters issues invitations

20Jan00 Homologation Dossiers may now be uploaded or created on-line

Homologators should reference this instruction page

18Jan00 Chuck Stearns receives IWSF Hall of Fame commemorative plaque

Recently, Bill Barlow Jr., IWSF Hall of Fame Chairman was able to present the Hall of Fame commemorative trophy to Chuck who was not able to attend the ceremony in Milan.

Chuck Stearns (left) accepts the IWSF Hall of Fame commemorative plaque from Bill Barlow Jr.

07Jan00 World Cup Schedule finalized

08Dec99 Notice: All IWSF Federations are requested to register their home pages here

01Dec99 British Water Ski Federation holds annual Gala

01Dec99 Masters releases entry criteria for 2000 Masters

Masters Criteria
Junior Masters Criteria

22Nov99 Nicolas Le Forestier's trick run of 11,890 points at Montreval is approved as a new World Record

The record runs are available for viewing at the following links:
Pass 1 (2.6MB)
Pass 2 (2.8MB)

17Nov99 1999 Asian Championships Results and Photo Gallery

10Nov99 1999 Asian Championships a great success in the United Arab Emirates

10Nov99 IWSF Homologation Dossier input is now on-line

Homologators world-wide should sumbit the dossier document for all L and R tournaments.
Fill in the form here. It will automatically be posted and a copy will be emailed to you as well as a copy of the homologation notice for posting at the tournament. The submit button is at the bottom of the form
Here is where the dossiers will be posted.
Homologators should submit test dossiers. Please mark it clearly as test. You must include a tournament code and tournament name.

19Oct99 IWSF Discussion board created to discuss the topic of Olympic Rules

Click here and then on IWSF Rules and then Olympic Rules to contribute to the discussion

11Oct99 Minutes of IWSF Tournament Council meeting in Milan released

11Oct99 IOC Meeting in Athens takes no decisions regarding new sports

Message by IWSF Secretary General Graziano Tognala

06Oct99 IWSF Tournament Council accepts Ski Flying as an official discipline

At its recent meeting in Milan, the IWSF Tournament Council recognized ski flying as an official event with certion provisos and restrictions.
Ski Flying is a special event restricted to elite skiers with a minimum qualification of 60.8m (200 ft)performed under the normal jump event rules.
These events are expected to be cash prize and limited in number to 6 per year. Also, they are to be in addition to the normal schedule rather than replacing regular jump events.
This also means that the prize money will be additional to that already in place for the normal jump cash prize tournaments.
In addition the TC will accept World Records in Ski Flying and as part of that decision accepts the following performances as the World Records performed so far - see headline below

06Oct99 IWSF Tournament Council accepts Ski Flying World Records

10Apr99 Curtis Sheers 85m Ski Fly World Trophy Winderemere, FL USA
30May99 Jaret Llewellyn 86.2m Masters Pine Mountain, GA USA

29Sep99 A new Men's Overall Record by Patrice Martin of 2676.19 at the Florida State Championships on July 18, 1999 has been approved by the IWSF Tournament Council

Patrice jumped 60.5 m, tricked 11490 points and slalomed 3@10.75 m.

29Sep99 Prince Albert of Monaco attends the World Championships in Milan

Graziano Tognala, Prince Albert, Andres Botero

With the contribution of the President of the French Federation Alain Amade, Prince Albert of Monaco has attended the World Championships in Milan on Saturday. Prince Albert is an assiduous supporter of waterskiing, a sport that he also practices himself. During his visit his Excellency awarded the medals for several of the finals.
Andres Botero, President of the IWSF and Graziano Tognala, Secretary General of IWSF had occasion to talk with the Prince on the Olympic Project. Prince Albert was glad to learn about the official proposal from the Greek Organising Committee to the IOC and confirmed his full support to our Olympic Quest. In this regard his Excellency has accepted the nomination as Extraordinary Ambassador of the IWSF to the IOC in Lausanne.

Andres, Prince Albert, and Graziano watch the finals at Idroscalo

24Sep99 Fantastic photos of the World Championships by Thomas Gustavson now available

Andrea Alessi
Andrea Alessi cutting
Banana George and the Swedish Fans
Freddy Kreuger
Helena Kjellander
Idroscalo site of the Worlds
Kristi Overton
Jump medalists
Ryan Fitts
Scott Ellis
Curtis Sheers

Jaret jumps 66.1 m movie (500k)
Freddy jumps 65.9 m movie (500k)

24Sep99 Elite Athletes elect representatives to serve on the IWSF Athletes Advisory Council

At the recent World Championships, elite skiers met to elect representatives as members of the AAC. The first representatives served by appointment and this was the first formal election.
Elected were
Helena Kjellander SWE, Chairman
Scot Ellis USA
Emma Sheers AUS
This council will represent the athletes on the IWSF Executive Board and the IWSF Tournament Council.

22Sep99 A few photos from the 1999 World Championships

22Sep99 CableSki site and Rules discussion hosted by Juergen Pitz of the World Cableski Commission

19Sep99 Jaret Llewellyn is World Champion of Mens Figures

  1. Jaret Llewellyn
  2. Nicolas Le Forestier
  3. Russell Gay

Kristi Overton-Johnson is World Champion of Womens Slalom

  1. Kristi Overton-Johnson
  2. Susi Graham
  3. Toni Neville
This exciting event finished as a three way tie for first place resulting in an unusual run-off. All three women tied at 4 at 11.25m.
The random order draw had Toni out first with 2.5 at 11.25m. Susi came out next and passed Toni with 3 buoys. Kristi came out last. Her nervous fans waited with anticipation while she fought through the 12m line. Then she had a superb 1 buoy and went on to four to win her first World Championship ending Helenma Kjellanders incredible streak of four consecutive World Championships.

Jaret Llewellyn is World Champion of Mens Jump

  1. Jaret Llewellyn
  2. Freddy Krueger
  3. Curtis Sheers
Freddy Krueger was next to last out and posted a terrific score of 65.9m.
Jaret saw what he had to do and jumped 66.6m on his first jump to win the gold and also turn the tables on Freddy who did exactly the same thing to Jaret in the recent Pan Am Games.

19Sep99 Elena Milakova is World Champion of Womens Overall

  1. Elena Milakova
  2. Marina Mostli
  3. Rhoni Barton

19Sep99 Patrice Martin is World Champion of Mens Overall

  1. Patrice Martin
  2. Jaret Llewellyn
  3. Kreg Llewellyn
In this first ever overall final which pitted the top four overall skiers from the first round in a separate contest of slalom, trick, and jump, you could not ask for a closer finish. The calculators were keeping pace with the action throughout the whole event. When it finally came to Patrices turn to jump, he posted a 59.5m jump which meant that Jaret had to jump 67.3m to win, a bscant .6m longer than his longest jump of the tournament so far.
Jaret had a set of three incredible jumps coming ever closer to Patrice, but ultimately failing to catch him while all of the Canadian fans waited in agony on the shore. A truly incredible final.

19Sep99 Canada wins World Team Championship

  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. France

18Sep99 Andy Mapple is World Champion of Mens Slalom

  1. Andy Mapple
  2. Steve Cockeram
  3. Kreg Llewellyn
After a poor preliminary round (for him) Andy went out several seeds from the top and posted a terrific score of 5 at 10.75. All the skiers that followed, failed to match it. Kreg Llewellyn CAN had already skied 2 at 10.75 for an eventual 3rd place. Steve Cockeram beat Kreg with 3 at 10.75, but failed to match Andy. The top seed, Wade Cox USA got the worse of a close decision of 1.5 at 10.75, leaving him in 4th.

18Sep99 Tawn Hahn USA is World Champion of Womens Figures

  1. Tawn Hahn
  2. Elena Milakova
  3. Britt Larsen
Tawn Hahns steady performance left her at the top of the field of nervous competitors with Russia s Elena Milakova 2nd and twin sister Brit Larsen 3rd.

18Sep99 Emma Sheers is World Champion in Womens Jump

  1. Emma Sheers
  2. Toni Neville
  3. Rhoni Barton
In the final event of the day, Emma Sheers tied Toni Neville for first forcing a first ever tie beak in jump. Both skiers had two jumps. Emma went out first and posted a 47.2m jump. Toni came close, but failed to beat it so Emma got the gold. Rhoni Barton USA finished a strong third.

18Sep99 IWSF Hall of Fame inducts five new members at ceremony following the IWSF Congress in Milan, Italy

Chantal Amade-Escot, France

Secretary General of the IWSF from 1991-1997. First class judge since 1987. Member of the French National Team from 1970-1984.

Maria Victoria Carrasco, Venezuela

Womens World Trick Champion in 1973, 1975 and 1977. First official World Record Holder in Womens tricks. Member of the Venezuelan Team from 1971 to 1977.

Ian Faulkner, Australia

Material contributer to the Moomba Masters; member of the organizing committee from 1965 to 1995; chairman from 1976 to 1995. WWSU Technical Committee member from 1974 to 1989.

Renata Hansluvka, Austria

Womens World Jump Champion in 1961 and 1963. Winner of nine gold medals in the European Championships. Member of the Austrian Team from 1959 to 1965.

Chuck Stearns, United States

Mens World Overall Champion in 1959. Winner of eleven medals in the World Championships while a member of the US Team from 1957 to 1967.

18Sep99 Swiss bid for 2003 World Championships to be held in Florida, USA approved by IWSF congress

18Sep99 Jaret Llewellyn record of 70.3m approved by IWSF TC

16Sep99 Andres Botero re-elected as President of IWSF
Graziano Tognala re-elected as Secretary General

16Sep99 IWSF Media Chairman Des Burke-Kennedy makes appeal for donations to the Athens 2004 fund during the biennial congress and raises over $50,000 US

Show your support for IWSF by clicking here and making a donation to the IWSF 2004 Athens Fund Drive

15Sep99 Pending Trick record for Nicolas Leforestier FRA of 11,890 reported from Montrevel, France

15Sep99 World Championship start lists and results

12Sep99 IWSF Tournament Council meeting completed

Bob Corson USA re-elected as Chairman
Watch here for meeting summary and rules update

08Sep99 Official World Championships web site launched

06Sep99 1999 World Cup finishes in style at British Masters

1999 World Cup Winners

04Sep99 Jaret Llewellyn 70.3m jump video now available

Jaret Llewellyn pending world record 70.3m (1.2MB)
Jaret Llewellyn pending world record 70.3m (1.0MB zip file download)
Courtesy of Olivier Constans

04Sep99 Switzerland bids for the Worlds 2003 to be held in Florida USA (file size 1.5 MB)

01Sep99 Photo gallery from the World Disabled Championships

29Aug99 World Disabled Championships completed in Great Britain with 15 teams competing

Team Results

  1. USA 14,217
  2. GBR 13,803
  3. AUS 11.232
Official World Disabled Championship Web Site

29Aug99 Jaret Llewellyn CAN sets pending jump World Record of 70.3m at French Masters World Cup

Freddy Krueger also jumps 69.1m in the same round.

22Aug99 Tournmament World Championships forms now available

Entry Form Due by 03Sep99
Bulletin 3 with latest information
Airport pickup form

18Aug99 IWSF Executive board establishes official IWSF Wakeboard Council

The new council will join the already established councils on an equal basis with world-wide representation.
At the Tournament World Championships in Milan, Italy, WWA (World Wakeboard Association) representatives will meet with IWSF Executive members to discuss this cooperative effort.

10Aug99 Italian Federation releases schedule for the World Championships in Milan

10Aug99 Pan Am Games full results from the official web site

08Aug99 Pan Am Games finish with Gold for Jaret Llewellyn CAN in tricks, Kristi Overton-Johnson USA in slalom and Freddy Krueger USA in jump

Women Slalom

  1. Kristi Overton-Johnson USA 2@10.75m
  2. Susi Graham CAN 2.5@11.25m
  3. Karen Truelove USA 1.5@11.25m

Photo by Gene Davis

Men tricks

  1. Jaret Llewellyn CAN 10560
  2. Russell Gay USA 9960
  3. Javier Julio ARG 9560

Photo by Gene Davis

Men Jump

  1. Freddy Krueger USA 64.5m (212ft)
  2. Jaret Llewellyn CAN 63.7m (209ft)
  3. Simon Siegert COL 61.4m (201ft)

Photo by Gene Davis

07Aug99 Pan Am Games Gold for Rhoni Barton USA in Women Jump

  1. Rhoni Barton 45.9m (151ft)
  2. Karen Truelove 43.4m (142ft)
  3. Kim deMacedo 39.4m (129ft)

Photo by Gene Davis

07Aug99 Pan Am Games Gold for Drew Ross CAN in Men Slalom

  1. Drew Ross 3@10.75m
  2. Kreg Llewellyn 5@11.25m
  3. Emiliano Botana ARG 1.5@11.25m

Photo by Gene Davis

07Aug99 Pan Am Games Gold for Rhoni Barton USA in Women Tricks

  1. Rhoni Barton USA 6350
  2. Lorena Botana ARG 5360
  3. Mariana Ramirez MEX 5170

Photo by Gene Davis
Cooler temperatures, partly sunny skies and a fresh breeze greeted the competitors and spectators on the first day of the Pan Am Games Finals. The wind was a cross wind and had litte effect on the water surface.
In women's tricks, the women repeated themselves from the preliminaries to finish in the same order.
In men's slalom, the main disappointment was that Wade Cox USA failed to ski due to a back injury apparently sustained in the preliminaries. The home town crowd was thrilled to have a Canadian 1-2 finish and roared their approval.
In women's jump, Kim deMacedo CAN pushed past her nagging injuries to surprise the field and grab the bronze medal for Canada. Rhoni Barton USA and Karen Truelove USA made the adjustments for the cross-tail wind and repeated their placements in the preliminaries.
See photos of the site and the people of the 1999 Pan Am Games updated for 08Aug.
Scorebook after today's finals

06Aug99 Pan Am Games preliminary rounds completed with Jaret Llewellyn CAN and Rhoni Barton USA top seeds in tricks and Freddy Krueger USA top seed in Jump.

A huge crowd of many thousand people cheered enthusiasticly for the hometown Canadian favorites, especially in the jump event where three Canadian men made the final round. Jim Clunie had a spectacular crash that had him carreening off the ramp after he had already qualified. Despite the best efforts of Jaret Llewellyn in posting a 205, Freddy Krueger went out as the last skier to put himself in the top seed with a 213 that sent the crowd roaring with amazement.
All skiers were afforded tremendous crowd response as the jumpers put on a terriffic show in near perfect conditions.
Jaret Llewellyn CAN set the standard in tricks with a 10260 followed by Russell Gay USA, and Javier Julio of Argentina.
In women's tricks, Rhoni Barton scored 6410 followed by Lorena Botana ARG and Mariana Ramirez MEX. Despite an unlucky fall, Karen Truelove USA squeeked into the finals in 8th place for another try.
Pan Am Games officials authorized unlimited standing room ticket sales after seeing the crowds that the preliminaries have generated.
Completed Preliminary Round Scorebook
See photos of the site and the people of the 1999 Pan Am Games updated for 06Aug.

05Aug99 Pan Am Games preliminary rounds see Susi Graham CAN (slalom), Drew Ross CAN (slalom) and Rhoni Barton USA (jump)lead going into the finals.

Preliminary Round Scorebook Susi Graham edged out Kristi Overton USA and Karen Truelove USA to get the top seed going into the finals.
In the Men's competition, Drew Ross put up an early high score of 5@10.75 that no one was able to catch. Following Ross was Wade Cox USA and Kreg Llewellyn CAN.
Women's jump saw Rhoni Barton post a very impressive 48.5m (158 ft) in windy conditions to lead Karen Truelove USA and Luisa Botero COL.
The top 8 advance to the finals.
See photos of the site and the people of the 1999 Pan Am Games.

02Aug99 Water Ski Competition for Pan Am Games scheduled to start 05Aug

Winnipeg, Canada hosts the Pan Am Games and the Pan Am Games water ski event has sold out all of the spectator seats. This not only will be a show down between major Pan Am and world water ski powers USA and Canada, but also showcase the rising talent of other Pan American Water Ski Federations including Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Guatamala, and Chile.
Pan Am Games Official Web Site for information about the Pan Am Games
Check here for updates from the competition.

02Aug99 Jaret Llewellyn sets pending World Overall Record at Western Canadian Championships

Jaret slalomed 3 1/2 at 11.25m, tricked 10,700, and jumped 67.2m for a world overall score of 2689.75.

02Aug99 Tawn Hahn's record application of 8630 approved by IWSF Tournament Council

It took Tawn seven years to surpass her own record.

19Jul99 Preliminary World Ranking List released

Click here for slalom, tricks, and jump and overall and the list of tournaments as well as known problems.
This starts the 30 day period for corrections

1999 World Ranking List Sponsored by:

15Jul99 Rhoni Barton has new World Overall record approved by Tournament Council

Rhoni skied 3.5@11.25m, 7580 points, and jumped 46.5m in round 1 of the Sunset Cup at Jack Travers in Okahumpka, FL on May 23, 1999. This makes the new record 2622.26 points.

11Jul99 Tawn Hahn sets new pending World Record in Women Tricks of 8630 points

The current record was set in 1992

07Jul99 Patrice Martin recognized as holder of the Men's World Overall Record at 2654.62 points

The IWSF Tournament Council voted to recognize Patrice's performance at the Fire Lake Record Tournament on July 24, 1996. When overall records were established, the initial policy was to recognize a new record if the standing best overall performance was exceeded.
For Women, Rhoni Barton exceeded the standing mark and achieved a record. However, no one has exceeded Patrice's mark for two seasons, thus the Tournament Council decided to declare it the current record.
In the second round of the Fire Lake Record, Patrice slalomed 2 @ 10.75m, he jumped 60.2 m (198ft) and tricked 11680. The 11680 was reviewed for a record and reduced to 11480 which is what has been used in the overall standard.

05Jul99 Cox, Overton, Krueger, and Britta Llewellyn are winners in Italian Masters World Cup

See the World Cup page for details

05Jul99 Freddy Krueger jump record of 68.7m in the US Open Finals on June 20, 1999 approved by IWSF Tournament Council

05Jul99 Jaret Llewellyn record tie of 68.3m at the US Open Preliminary Round on June 20, 1999 approved by IWSF Tournament Council

03Jul99 1999 World Water Ski Racing Championships Bulletin #1

02Jul99 Greek National Olympic Committee officially requests Water Skiing

The Greek NOC has sent the official request to include water skiing in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Now it is up to the IOC and the IWSF's ability to meet with IOC members and present the the benefits of including water skiing on the Olympic program.
To read more about the IWSF and its drive to be in the Olympics and how you personally can help, click here

Bulletin Number 2

Accreditation Form
Intent to Enter Form
Press Accreditation Form
Hotel Information
Judges Reservation Form
Skier Cirriculum Vitae

World Tournament Championships

23Jun99 World Ski Racing Championships Information now available

Organizer's Information
Ski Racing web site

22Jun99 Freddy Krueger interview by Tony Lightfoot at the US Open - real audio

20Jun99 Freddy Krueger outjumps the field at the US Open with a new pending record of 68.7m (225 ft)

19Jun99 Jaret Llewellyn ties world jump record (pending) at US Open

See World Cup page for preliminary round US Open scores

17Jun99 Bruce Neville's 68.3m (224 ft) jump approved as record by IWSF TC Chairman Bob Corson

The record was performed on May 23 at Jack Travers' site in the Sunset Cup tournament.

09Jun99 Italian Water Ski Federation announces $30,000 US prize money for the Italian Masters World Cup being held July 3-4 in Recetto

07Jun99 World Cup race heats up in jump with Scott Ellis USA taking over the lead - Mapple continues to dominate slalom

03Jun99 IWSF President Botero names Sue Carne NZL Chief Judge for 1999 World Barefoot Championships

all appointments

03Jun99 Ski Fly video clips from the Masters now available

Bruce Neville 265 ft
Jaret Llewellyn averts disaster
Scott Ellis in the preliminaries
Note: clips are 500K

31May99 IWSF President Botero and Secretary General Tognala attend the Masters

President Andres Botero and Secretary General Graziano Tognala of the IWSF have taken part in the Masters at Callaway Garden (Georgia), in occasion of the 40th anniversary of the event.

The normal jumping of the Tournament 3-event has been replaced by Sky Flying. The top of World Waterskiing has commented that this new discipline is without any doubt very spectacular and fascinating. However they also added that, at the moment, it works only for the top of the jumpers in the world and special boats and equipment are required. Time will tell us more about the developments of this discipline. For now we have seen a spectacular flight of 283', about 85 meters, of Jaret Llewellyn. With this distance the Canadian has established a new (unofficial) world record.

Curtis Sheers Ski Flying at the Correct Craft Ski Fly World Trophy
Videos of Masters Ski Flying and Ski Jump at www.skiflying.com

Video Clips from the Masters
Bruce Neville 265 ft
Jaret Llewellyn averts disaster
Scott Ellis in the preliminaries

The President and the Secretary were pleased about the continuous records in the category boys and girls and the many nationalities represented on the winners podium. The top three of the various categories has athletes from four different countries.

Compliments to the organisers of the Masters for the splendid event, as always a competition in the vanguard.

Graziano Tognala (left) and Andres Botero at the Masters

31May99 IWSF Media Chairman explains the IWSF Olympic Program at the Masters

During the 40 th Masters at Callaway Gardens Des Burke-Kennedy, Media Chairman of the IWSF, presented to a full auditorium the process the International Water Ski Federation has followed and implemented in the last few years to get water skiing included in the 2004 summer Olympics.

The IWSF is optimistic that the donations to help pay for this campaign will start flowing and we will be able to continue working until the IOC makes a final decision in the next 12 months

Des Burke-Kennedy addresses Masters attendees

31May99 IWSF and WWA meet at Masters

During the recently held 40th edition of the Masters (U.S.), the President and Secretary General of IWSF, Andres Botero and Graziano Tognala, have met for the first time with the President of WWA, Jimmy Redmon in a warm, cordial and sportive atmosphere.

Of course talking has been about wakeboard and the union of common interest in order to develop wakeboard harmoniously all over the world. In all 76 National Federations of IWSF, Wakeboard is now a solidly integrated discipline, and in 2000 the first IWSF wakeboard World Championship will take place. All agree on the inconsistency of having two world championships. Also, wakeboard could benefit further if Water Skiing becomes, as hoped, an Olympic sport.

WWA President Jimmy Redmon has been invited to the next Meeting of the Executive Board of IWSF, planned for September 13th-14th in Milan this year. However talks have already started and will continue during the next few months.

On the picture from left to right: The Secretary General of IWSF(Tognala), The President of WWA ( Redmon), the President of IWSF ( Botero), IWSF Media Chairman Burke-Kennedy

30May99 Masters winners

28May99 Video of Bruce's 68.3 m jump and Sunset Cup scorebook posted on USAWS Southern Region website

23May99 New Pending Men's World Jump record of 68.3m (224 ft) reported set by Bruce Neville (AUS) at Jack Travers site. A new pending Women's Overall Record was reported to be set by Rhoni Barton (USA)

07May99 1999 World Disabled Championships Web Site now available

30Apr99 IWSF President Andres Botero names Pro Mediterranean Games 2005 commission to work for admission of water skiing in the Games

Commission Members

29Apr99 Water Ski Canada announces cancellation of World Cup stop Spray & Fly on June 12-13

See IWSF World Cup page for details

16Apr99 IWSF President Botero names John Reid USA Chief Judge for 1999 World Disabled Championships

all appointments

15Apr99 1999 Technical Rule Addendum for Disabled now available on-line

15APR99 Latest Version of CableSki Rules (acrobat format)

Changes for 99 only(acrobat format)

12Apr99 Inaugral Ski Flying World Trophy successful as Curtis Sheers records an 85m best distance

Read USA Water Ski's coverage of the tournament with results

Ski Flying World Trophy

  1. Curtis Sheers AUS
  2. Freddy Krueger USA
  3. Jaret Llewellyn CAN

09Apr99 Chinese Water Ski Association issues open invitation to 1999 China's International Water Ski Open

The Chinese Water Ski Association will award a total Cash Prize of US$30,000 for the tournament

26Mar99 USA Water Ski will host the 1999 Correct Craft Ski Flying World Trophy on April 10, 1999 at the Isles of Lake Hancock in Winter Garden, Florida

USA Water Ski officially invites IWSF Federations to send qualified skiers

Official Bulletin #1 from The LOC

Officials Appointments

Invitations are being sent to Federation to send skiers who qualify by having jumped in excess of 60.9m (200 ft) in standard Open Division competition

The event will be televised

Tournament Rules

25Mar99 IOC President Samaranch thanks IWSF for support

17Mar99 Recently completed Moomba Masters Information

The Moomba Masters not only had World Cup events, it had a full 3 event competition, overall competition, night jump, and wakeboard and has more television coverage than any other water ski event in the world.

Moomba Press Report

12Mar99 IWSF President Botero names Louis Palome RSA Chief Judge for 1999 World Championships in Milan, Italy

09Mar99 1st Bulletin for the 1999 World Disabled now available

09Mar99 British WSF seeks World Class Performance Director

02Mar99 Updated Ranking List History now available

02Mar99 October 1998 Ranking List is now finalized (see links below)

28Feb99 1st World Cup stop for 99 completed at Oz Ski

See the Official IWSF World Cup site for details

22Feb99 IWSF President Andres Botero remarks on our Olympic Goals

22Feb99 IWSF Secretary General reports on our Olympic status to the EAME Congress in Aquaba - Read it here

22Feb99 1999 IWSF Tournament Rules now available

10Feb99 Official IWSF 1999 World Calendar is now available

10Feb99 IWSF Executive Board Meeting Minutes now available

10Feb99 Revised Preliminary World Ranking List Released

Additional revision input will still be accepted until 27 Feb 99

The new lists are on the links below.

27Jan99 Preliminary World Ranking Lists Now Available

1998 World Ranking List Sponsored by:

08Dec98 Jaret Llewellyn CAN wins Abu Dhabi Pro Jump Tournament

Report #1


Complete Results

Group picture

Jaret is awarded the trophy

Jaret jumps in Abu Dhabi

19Nov98 Tournament Council Meeting Minutes from Lausanne meeting on October 10

10Nov98 Italian Water Ski Federation Bulletin for 99 World Championships

30Oct98 Abu Dhabi Pro Jump Tournament details and Entry form

Information about Abu Dhabi from the Waterski-Chronicles

22Oct98 Andy Mapple's 1@9.75m approved as tie of Jeff Rodgers' current Record by TC Chairman Corson

12Oct98 IWSF Executive Board concludes 2 days of meetings at IOC Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland

The IWSF held its annual Executive Board meeting at the IOC Headquarters by gracious invitation of the IOC. The Executive Board examines all aspects of world wide skiing to ensure the successful growth of our sport.

12Oct98 IWSF EB approves test event cash prize jump tournament in Abu Dahbi to be held on Dec.4

The event will be held in conjunction with the Formula 1 Boat Racing circuit. The top jumpers from 10 countries will be invited to participate. If successful, it may lead to more events. The Italian Water Ski Federation is providing major support.

12Oct98 IWSF Tournament Council held its annual meeting at IOC Hq. as well

Many technical issues were discussed. The minutes will be published shortly here on the IWSF web site. Major topics included a trick event review and recommendations by the athletes's council and other technical interpretations.

07Oct98 Greek Olympic Committee decides to recommend Water Skiing as an official sport in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens

This decision only now needs to be ratified by the IOC Executive Board which will then make it fully official. This should happen before the end of the year. More news to follow:

07Oct98 Official IWSF Press Release

04Oct98 Andy Mapple skis 1@9.75m for a potential tie of Jeff Rodgers' record

The tournament was the Miami Record Slalom which was re-scheduled due to hurricane Georges. This is the first slalom record application using the now required speed control.

25Sep98 Greek Olympic Committee delays new sport decision

The Greek Olympic committee has postponed its meeting to decide on new sports recomendations to October 2. The IWSF continues to make the case for the inclusion of water skiing in the program of 2004.

13Sep98 1998 World Cup Winners

Learn the full details at the IWSF World Cup site

03Sep98 Tournament announcement and entry details for Moomba 99

01Sep98 IWSF President Botero presents Hall of Fame Trophy to Ana Maria Carrasco (VEN) at Central American Games

From left to right: Fernando Romero, President of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, Ana Maria Carrasco, Andres Botero, Michel Sanchez, Ana Maria's coach

President Botero reports

During the recent Central American and Caribbean Games in Maracaibo, Venezuela, I had the opportunity to organize a short ceremony to hand over the Hall of Fame Trophy to Ana Maria Carrasco. It was done at the Maruma hotel in Maracaibo with the presence of Mr. Fernando Romero, President of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, ten of the top athletes of Venezuela representatives of the Venezuelan and Colombian Olympic Committee and most of the international press attending the Games. In total we had more than 80 people at the ceremony which was a great success. Ana Maria is the Oakely dealer in Venezuela and is doing very well. She is working to get back to the sport with her two kids. Michael Sanchez, her coach was also invited and flew down from Caracas for the ocassion.

Regards, Andres Botero

25Aug98 Belarus wins Team Gold at 1st World Cable Ski Championships

Men's Overall - Michal Cerny CZE

Women's Overall - Joulia Meier- Gromyko BLR

Full Results here

24Aug98 France wins Team Gold at World Junior Championships

Men's Overall - Jimmy Siemers USA

Women's Overall - Clementine Lucine FRA

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1. France 4 4 3 11
2. USA 3 4 2 9
3. Colombia 2 2
4. Canada 1 1
South Africa 1 1
Australia 1 1
Chile 1 1
Great Britain 1 1

21Aug98 World Junior Championships begin in Dijon, France

Results are being posted on the World Juniors web site here

19Aug98 IWSF releases the official video from the Olympic demonstration in Seville

View it here using the RealVideo plug-in

Seville video

If you don't have the plug-in you can download it free here. It is a 1.3MB file

12Aug98 Rhoni Barton has first World Record in Overall approved

IWSF TC Chairman Corson today approved Rhoni Barton's application for an overall record of 2488.10 points. This year the IWSF TC approved a new rule allowing overall records with a minimum standard. Rhoni's application for her performance at the World University Trophy exceeded the set level and thus has been approved as the first IWSF Overall Record.

05Aug98 USA, Germany, and Great Britain finish 1-2-3 at World Senior Trophy

Complete Team and Individual Results

04Aug98 World Cableski Championships bulletin 2

Entry Form

14Jul98 World Ranking List now available

10Jul98 IWSF begins a major fund drive to support its bid to be included in the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004

Please read this important message from IWSF President Andres Botero

We hope this is a sample of our Olympic future

World Champion Helena Kjellander and H.E. Samaranch at Seville

Some of the world's top skiers pose with H.E Samaranch at Seville

Please help to make this future a reality

07Jul98 Homologation Dossiers now in public area for inspection

30Jun98 IWSF Tournament Council receives first Overall Record application

Rhoni Barton achieves an overall score of 2488.10 at the World University Trophy according to the new IWSF overall standards which exceeds the mark set for consideration of an overall record.

29Jun98 World University Trophy sees USA-Red, USA-Blue, and Colombia finish 1-2-3 in team competition.

Men's Teams placement is the same and Women's Teams finish USA-Red, USA-Blue, and New Zealand.

Rhoni Barton USA sweeps the women's events for four Gold Medals

Men's Gold Medals

Slalom Chris Sullivan USA

Figures Richard Ableson USA

Jump Simon Siegert COL

Overall Benny Lohr USA

15Jun98 Bulletin #2 for the World Senior Trophy

11Jun98 Official IWSF Press Release for the Seville Demonstration by IWSF Secretary General Graziano Tognala

H.E.Samaranch reading the "This is Water Ski" brochure at the Seville Demonstration(270k)

04Jun98 Kuno Ritschard, EAME Region President reports that the Water Ski demonstration, held just hours ago in Seville, was excellent and successful with H.E. Samaranch and the IOC Executive Board as well as hundreds of delegates from the ANOC congress present.

27May98 Top IWSF Officials meet with IOC President Samaranch at IOC Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland

IWSF President Andres Botero, Secretary General Tognala Graziano, EAME Region President Kuno Ritchard, Athlete's Commission President Helena Kjellander, and Special Executive Board member Depy Papadimitriou met with IOC President Samaranch to discuss water skiing's application to be part of the 2004 Olympic Games.

Text of President Botero's remarks

Ritchard,Tognala,Papadimitriou, Samaranch,Kjellander, Botero, IOC official Gilbert Felli

Kjellander, Botero, Tognala, Papadimitriou, Ritshard outside IOC Headquarters in Lausanne

After President Botero spoke, Helena Kjellander talked about the wishes and hopes on every athlete's behalf. She then handed Samaranch the dossier containing 193 top athletes' letters coming from the most 27 representative world countries.

Depy Papadimitriou spoke on behalf of the Greek Water Ski Federation. She reported their positive relations with the Greek Olympic Committee

Various technical dossiers were delivered to H.E.Samaranch including adossier containing supporting letters from National Olympic Committees and those ones coming from International Canoeing and Rowing Federations. Another dossier containing technical information about environment, standing list, statute, technical chapters and so on. Additionaly two short, but meaningly technical dossiers about important developing data regarding water ski and its history, its disciplines, its athletes, its statistics and a planning layout should water ski be allowed two competition days. The friendly and pleasing conversation ended by the itroduction of 12 dossiers containing more than 22.000 supporting skiers letters from all over the world.

President Samaranch encouraged us to let the letters grow and to keep them ready for further meetings.

The meeting was very positive and important for our sport in its quest to be included in the Olympic program

27May98 Note World Ranking List description in Electronic Rulebook corrected to match 98 addendum

22May98 Officials Announced for 1998 World University Trophy in Cleveland, Tennessee, USA




20May98 Officials Appointed for the 1998 World Junior Championships in Dijon, France




18May98 The IWSF will stage a demonstration of Water Ski Competition for the International Olympic Committee and the Greek 2004 Olympics Organizing Committee at their meeting in Seville, Spain on June 3 in its bid to have water skiing included in the 2004 Olympic Games

Water Skiing's top competitors will demonstrate slalom, figures, jump and wakeboard to the IOC.

View the commorative event poster (1.5MB)

View the official invitation (1.5MB)

15May98 Official Electronic Publication of the 1998 Technical Rule Addendum for Water Ski for the Disabled

29Apr98 USA narrowly defeats Australia in World Barefoot Championships in Australia

Official Electronic Publication of the 1998 IWSF Tournament Rule Book

Note typo correction April 15, 1998.

The rule book is a complete hypertext document with hot links.

Official Site Link for 98 World Juniors

20Apr98 1998 World Junior Championships Bulletin 1

3rd World Senior Trophy to be held in Feldberg, Germany July30-Aug.2

11th World Barefoot Championships 1998 Liverpool, Sydney 21-26 April - Bulletin#2

The IWSF invites all member Federations to participate in the 1st Cableski World Championships in Germany - link to details

The IWSF Cableski Council publishes electronic 1998 Rulebook - link to it here

20Mar98 Asian-Australian Region Election Results

At the recently held Asian-Australian Regional Congress in Melbourne, Australia, officers and committees were elected.

The following are the election results:

Congratulations to all

10Mar98 Final World Ranking List Released

1998 Cafe de Colombia World Cup

09Mar98 The first World Cup stop is complete while Moomba continues in Melbourne

Check out the full results and points standings here.

08Mar98 Bruce Neville AUS awarded IWSF Sportsmanship Award

The World Cup season starts this week in Melbourne Australia with the Moomba Festival. The complete results will be on line.

26Feb98 New 98 Rules Addendum Released

A new 1998 Rulebook will be published electronically and be available here.

30Jan98 Preliminary Ranking List Revision A Update Released

26Jan98 Preliminary World Ranking List Released

20Jan98 Edison Mission Australian Open moved to Feb 28 to take the place of OZ Ski which was cancelled

Cash prizes at this tournament hope to draw Moomba skiers

15Jan98 IWSF Releases World Cup Schedule - see World Cup page

23Dec97 Jaret Llewellyn's record application not approved.

The jump, reported at 67.9m was submitted as 67.5m which was the correct verified distance altrhough it falls short of the record by 0.3m

18Dec97 IWSF TC Chairman Corson approves John Swanson's jump record application at 67.8m a tie of the current record.

18Dec97 IWSF Disabled Chairman Grew reports

Australia sweeps World Racing Championships in only three races.

09Oct97 IWSF Tournament Council Minutes from annual meeting in Medellin

World Water Ski Racing Championships start October 16th in Sydney, Australia

30Sep97 John Swanson's 68.2m jump video (1MB)

23Sep97 Jeff Rodgers record of 1@9.75m approved by IWSF TC Chairman Corson

22Sep97 France wins the 1997 World Championships Team Title

22Sep97 USA has the highest medal total at World Championships with 8

22Sep97 Speed control is a huge success at 1997 World Championships

Both Men's and Women's World Tournament jump records are set, even at high altitude

22Sep97 Jeff Rodgers record of 5@10.25 approved by IWSF TC Chairman Corson

Jeff's 1@9.75 is still pending, waiting for video enhancement

15Sep97 John Swanson jumps 68.2m for a pending World Record

15Sep97 Cory Pickos Record of 11,680 approved by Tournament Council (see it below)

Full SEA Games Results preliminaries and finals

Indonesia wins 8 medals, Singapore 6, and Malaysia 4

Singapore's Koa sweeps the Men's events

1997 World Champions

Instant Access

|World Cup Information|Current News Headlines|World Rankings|Special Topics|Download Files|IWSF Organization Info|Other Water Ski Links|Commercial Links|Speed Control Units|

Cafe de Colombia Water Ski World Cup has its own home page

Welcome to the wonderful world of water skiing.

Edited by Bob Corson -- Please mail comments to bcorson@telesciences.com

Special Notice to readers of this page - Many browsers save the page on disk and when you put in the address they take the previously loaded copy on your disk instead of the new one at the net site. You can avoid this by configuring your software not to do this or just use the "reload" function.

Current IWSF News Headlines

12Sep97 Download and view Jeff Rodgers' 5@10.25 end course video(zipped .avi file 3.5MB)

01Sep97 Susi Graham wins 1997 World Cup Slalom title at Teesside British Masters

01Sep97 Jeff Rodgers reportedly skis 1@9.75m for pending World Record at Trophy Lakes

26Aug97 Emma Sheers is the 1997 World Cup Women Jump Champion

Her win at the French Masters World Cup now makes her point total unreachable.

22Aug97 World Disabled Championships in progress in Okahumpka, Florida, USA

Check this page for results

Team Results

  1. Great Britain
  2. USA
  3. Australia

World Disabled Official Results

Report about the World Disabled by Jim Grew

22Aug97 French Masters World Cup this weekend

Check here for results

18Aug97 Rooye Plas Masters Results

12Aug97 Final World Ranking List now available

10Aug97 In the Portland World Cup, Carl Roberge USA wins slalom and Jaret Llewellyn CAN wins jump.

10Aug97 Bruce Neville AUS is the 1997 World Cup winner in Men's Jump

Bruce's lead cannot be overcome making him the season winner.

10Aug97 IWSF Tournament Council approves Bruce Neville's 67.8m jump at the Extreme World Cup as the new World Jump Record.

Video of Bruce's jump (WARNING 1MB)

03Aug97 Curtis Sheers AUS wins World Cup jump in Sacramento while Wade Cox USA wins slalom

see World Cup page here for details

03Aug97 Pending World Jump record set by Mark Hieftje USA at US Eastern Regionals in disabled VH1

Mark exceeded the record twice with the best effort of 16.1m

30Jul97 Download of Cory Pickos pending 11,680 now available

Files are .avi then zipped

Pickos pass 1 (WARNING 3MB)

Pickos pass 2 (WARNING 3MB)

27Jul97 It's Neville with a pending World Record of 67.8m and Leachman at the World Cup

See the World Cup page

26Jul97 Graham CAN and Neville AUS lead after preliminaries at Extreme World Cup in Canada

Extreme World Cup link

20Jul97 In US Pro Tour World Cup at Indianapolis it's Wade Cox USA in slalom and Bruce Neville AUS in Jump

Carl Roberge fails to score in jumping dropping him from number one

Jeff Rodgers jumps up to 3rd in World Cup slalom

16Jul97 Andy Mapple clinches slalom World Cup crown for 1997

see World Cup page here for details

15Jul97 World Cup Commission releases details about World Cup stop in France Aug 23-24


Final information will be published as soon as it is available

13Jul97 Andy Mapple GBR wins slalom again at Hartford Cafe de Colombia World Cup while Bruce Neville AUS wins jump

Speed control is excellent with many runs into 10.75m - says Nikki Lee

09Jul97 Italian Water Ski Federation announces its web site

See it here with complete results from Arena Masters World Cup

08Jul97 World Cup names replacement for Paddy Classic

The place is ARMENTIERES, north of France. It is about 150 km from Paris and about 100 Km from Bruxelles. The nearest airport is LILLE. The competition will be on Saturday and Sunday, the same weekend as the Paddy

27Jun97 Preliminary World Ranking List released for 30 day comment period

Corrected list re-issued July 2. 11Jun97 Latest World Games Information

08Jul97 Mapple GBR and Jamin FRA win slalom at Arena World Cup while Ellis USA and Sheers AUS win jump

07Jul97 Mapple wins slalom in Arena World Cup in Italy to continue his domination of the event

5Jul97 Freddy Krueger jumps 209 at US Team Trials behind Perfect Pass speed control

This is the same unit that is the Official System for the World Championships in Colombia in September.

30Jun97 Stefen Wild GER wins his second World Cup before a hometown crowd in the German Word Cup

see World Cup page here for details

22Jun97 World Cup action at US Open sees Mapple and Wild win the mens' slalom and jump while Susi Graham and Emma Sheers win the womens' slalom and jump

15Jun97 Mapple tops Cox in slalom and Neville turns the tables on Roberge in jump at Shreveport US Pro Tour.

Tour placements differ from world cup points due to an experimental format.

Speed control used for all slalom.

14Jun97 Preliminary round completed at US Pro Tour at Sherveport

Roberge USA with a new tour record of 211 and Neville AUS lead jump preliminaries followed by Ellis USA and Kruger USA

Andy Mapple GBR and newcomer Jamie Beauchesne USA tie for 1st in preliminaries followed by Cox USA and Lowe USA.

08Jun97 World Cup at US Pro Tour on Austin river run under high water, heavy current due to massive rainstorms in US Midwest.

All slalom is run with automatic speed control which performed nearly flawlessly despite extremely harsh and variable conditions

Wade Cox wins his first World Cup slalom

Toni Neville scores first in Women's slalom

Carl Roberge conquers the jump in bad conditions.

see World Cup page here for details

Major Failure of CyberENET ISP cripples IWSF Website May 31 to June 6 so far. With luck the site will be fully reloaded and linked by June 15.

World Games Entry Form for designated Federations

29May97 On-Line Intent to Enter Form and Entry Form at World Championships web site

Updated Calenders in IWSF Information section

Latest World Games Information

25May97 Master's Winners get World Cup Points

Andy Mapple GBR and Susi Graham CAN win slalom

Brenda Nichols Baldwin USA and Carl Roberge USA top jumping

see World Cup page here for details

16May97 European Cup Viersel Diamond Water Ski Race this weekend

14May97 World Cup action at Masters Qualifier May 17-18 at Jack Travers for skiers as this tournament is scored as the preliminary round to the Masters

14May97 1st US Cableski Open announced at Ski Rixen Smith Lake, NC

12May97 IWSF TC Chairman Corson approves Brenda Nichols Baldwin's (USA) jump record of 50.5m

View Brenda's jump as a movie (animation supplied by Jim Cara of Jump!) (211K download)

12May97 Pending Trick records set by Cory Pickos (USA) - 11680 and Patrice Martin (FRA) - 11670

08May97 IWSF TC Chairman disapproves Benet record application of 11490

08May97 Cafe de Colombia Water Ski World Cup has it's own home page at http://www.iwsfworldcup.com

08May97 World Rankings data due by May 30

Regional and National organizations should email or fax results to IWSF TC Chairman Corson. Email results should be in the format specified in the rulebook addendum.

04May97 Andy Mapple (GBR) wins his third World Cup slalom in a row while John Levingston (AUS) wins his first ever.

Slalom event run completely under speed control

See scoring details and on site reports in the World Cup detail section

04May97 Asian-Australiasian Region President Max Kirwan and Secretary General Yong Yin Fah meet SEA Games Officials in Jakarta to discuss the water ski event.

03May97 Andy Mapple (GBR) has new tour record of 2.5 @ 10.25 in round 1, but Patrice Martin (FRA) leads after 2nd round at Charleston World Cup stop

27Apr97 Brenda Nichols Baldwin sets pending World Jump Record at Hall of Fame tournament in Florida of 166 ft

24Apr97 IWSF TC Chairman Corson meets with Singapore's Richard Eu to discuss the upcoming SEA Games to be held in Indonesia in October which will feature Water Skiing.

15Apr97 Mapple in slalom and Neville in jump at 2nd World Cup stop in Orlando

Andy Mapple made it two in a row winning the second World Cup stop in slalom to add to his victory in Moomba. Will he run away with skiing's richest prize? Stay tuned, Trophy Lakes is next.

Although Australian Bruce Neville couldn't win back home at Moomba, he powered his way to a jump win at Orlando which is his second home. This also put him on top of the current leader board.

31Mar97 US Masters' Qualifier to be used for World Cup points in conjunction with the US Masters

20Mar97 Final 1996 World Rankings released

19Mar97 Olaf Bottcher describes his video jump measurement system being used in Europe

16Mar97 World Cup Points released after 1st stop at Moomba - see World Cup section

10Mar97 Kristi Overton (USA) and Andy Mapple (GBR) win first World Cup slalom in Moomba

09Mar97 IWSF Tournament Rules Addendum available

09Mar97 Kristi Overton (USA) and Steve Cockeram (NZE) lead World Cup slalom in Moomba after preliminaries

09Mar97 IWSF Tournament Rules Addendum available

08Mar07 Emma Sheers (AUS) and Scot Ellis (USA) win first World Cup Tournament in jump

05Mar97 1997 Cafe de Colombia World Cup starts this week in Australia

Results available in World Cup section

05Mar97 World wide homologation procedures and references detailed here

28Feb97 Downlaod Video Jump Setup Spreadsheet-use Save As once loaded

28Feb97 World Championships establishes a home page

27Feb97 World Championships Bulletin #1 on-line

13Feb97 Cafe de Colombia confirms participation as title sponsor of the 1997 World Cup and supplies final prize money

13Feb97 IWSF Athletes Commission reports

06Feb97 Revision B of Preliminary Rankings List released (sl, tr, ju only)

Congestion in America On-Line delays administration of IWSF site. We apologize for the delays which are beyond our control. We are moving the site in the next 30 days to www.iwsf.com.

World Games Information Available

29Jan97 1996 World Rankings released for 30 day review

Description of Ranking List Rules

Reported List Errors

Slalom Rankings

Trick Rankings

Jump Rankings

Overall Rankings

Overall Rankings by Tournament (New)

Official qualified tournament list

All performance data for men

All performance data for women

07Jan97 Preliminary Tournament List for 1996 World Rankings released - please verify that all of your federation's qualifying tournaments are included

Official qualified tournament list

07Jan97 IWSF Tournament Council denies Pickos record application of September 7, 1996

12Dec96 1997 World Championships Bulletin #1 sent out from Medellin, COL giving first information about the championships to be held Sept. 15-21, 1997.

For information email at COMEFEC@supernet.COM.CO

02Dec96 In Pan American Region elections, Vern Oberg (CAN) is elected President, Jorge Renosto (ARG) is elected Secretary General and Jeffry Armstrong (USA) re-elected as TC Chairman

01Dec96 Pan American Championships contested in divisional match-ups in Santiago Chile

Open Division Results

Open Division Award Summary

Junior Division Results

Junior Division Award Summary

17-21 Division Results

17-21 Division Award Summary

Veteran Division Results

Veteran Division Award Summary

08Nov96 IWSF TC Chairman Corson meets with Chinese Water Ski Association officials in Beijing

23Oct96 Correct Craft named the Official Boat of the 1997 World Championships to be held in Medellin Colombia, Sept. 15-19

20Oct96 New Video Jump program available with dynamic grid switching and 800X600 screen support

14Oct96 IWSF Tournament Council Releases Final Meeting Minutes - New Rules take effect in 60 days

27Sept96 Cory Pickos skis 11,680 at Conchy Joe's Open in Melbourne, FL on September 7, 1996 and applies for new World Record

27Sept96 World Sports Marketing and Correct Craft announce that the 1997 US Masters will be part of the IWSF Cafe de Colombia World Cup

27Sept96 The 1997 Moomba Masters announces its intention to be part of the 1997 Cafe de Colombia World Cup

22Sept96 TC Chairman Corson approves Kristi Overton-Johnson record application of 1@10.25m on September 14 at Okeeheelee Park, West Palm Beach, FL

22Sept96 TC Chairman Corson approves Kristi Overton-Johnson record application of 4@10.75m on August 16 at US Nationals, Destin, FL

15Sept96 World Cup Organizers, athletes, and IWSF meet in Geneva to map out 1997 World Cup

15Sept96 IWSF Tournament Council approved Patrice Martin's record application of 11,480 at Firebird Lake on July 21

15Sept96 IWSF Tournament Council approved Patrice Martin's record tie application of 11,420 in May Florida tournament

14Sept96 Kristi Overton-Johnson reportedly runs 1@10.25m at Okeeheelee to become the first woman to complete the 10.75m pass

12Sept96 IWSF Tournament Council approved Emma Sheers' record application of 48.6m at Paddy Classic

12Sept96 IWSF Tournament Council raises women's jump to 5 1/2 at 51kmph

12Sept96 Latest video jump program for windows released (Version o). Download it here.

27Aug96 Women Pro Jumpers petition IWSF Tournament Council to raise ramp to 5 1/2

22Aug96 TC Chairman Corson finalizes agenda for TC meeting in Geneva

19Aug96 Barefoot Water Ski World Championships set to begin Aug20 with its own web site

19Aug96 Kristi Overton skis 4@10.75 at the US Nationals and applies for a new World Record

14Aug96 Patrice Martin tricks 11,680 at Fire Lake Record in Clarksdale, MS on July 21 and applies for new World Record

14Aug96 Latest World Juniors news and final results on the World Juniors home page

12Aug96 IWSF TC Chairman Corson approves Slalom records of Andy Mapple 4.5@10.25 and Slalom Record tie by Jennifer Leachman of 3@10.75

11Aug96 4pm EST Jaret Llewellyn reportedly jumped 217 to lead the Paddy Classic after the Preliminaries followed by Neville and Kruger at 205

10Aug96 Latest World Juniors news and results on the World Juniors home page

10Aug96 11:30am EST Latest scorebook from the World Junior Championships

10Aug96 9am EST Report and top results from Aug08 - Complete Results later

09Aug96 World Juniors news and results on the World Juniors home page

01Aug96 Arena Masters World Cup in Milan, Italy this weekend. Results will be on-line. Tournament organizers offer prize of a new Mazarati for a new Men's World Record

01Aug96 Nations gather for World Junior Championships in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada starting August 8. Results will be on-line.

01Aug96 Latest video jump program for windows released. Download it here.

IWSF President Andres Botero meets with IOC President Juan Antonio Sammaranch at Atlanta Olympic Games to discuss water skiing in the Olympics in 2004

27Jul96 Mario Moser (GER) has barefoot jump World Record of 28.1m approved

16Jul96 Jennifer Leachman skis 3 @ 10.75 at Trophy Lakes on July 6 and applies for World Record tie

15Jul96 WSTIMS final fix

Cafe de Colombia World Cup at Indianapolis scorebook

Cafe de Colombia World Cup at Indianapolis starts today, check here for scores

13Jul96 WSTIMS finalized with July-12-96 version with email scorebooks and video jump integration

10Jul96 Arena Masters in Milan confirms that all is ready for Cafe de Colombia Water Ski World Cup on Aug. 3/4

10Jul96 Nicolas Leforestier is reported to have broken trick record twice with 11,640 and 11,760 - No Official Confirmation yet!

10Jul96 Final version of WSTIMS released - download now

10Jul96 Download update to June 26 version of WISTIMS

10Jul96 IWSF sets up tournament scorebook web site. See instructions to submit scores here

10Jul96 See tournament results here

09Jul96 Water Skiing loses ardent supporter as World University Trophy organizer E D Walker loses his life in a freak home accident

03Jul96 Andy Mapple skis 4.5@10.25m at McCormick's and applies for new World Record

April 1996 Preliminary World Ranking List released for 30 day comment period by Chairman Bob Corson

27Jun96 IWSF 50th Anniversary to be celebrated with gala affair in Geneva on September 7

27Jun96 Paddy Classic gears up to be final stop of the Cafe de Colombia Water Ski World Cup

27Jun96 Indianapolis Pro Tour Stop will be a full Cafe de Colombia Water Ski World Cup stop for both men and women to complete US portion of the World Cup. Then it's on to Italy and the Arena Masters in Milan

27Jun96 Check out the latest update of the Cafe de Colombia Water Ski World Cup points

27Jun96 Download the new version of WSTIMS by clicking here

27Jun96 Download the WSTIMS add-in for Win95 by clicking here

23JUN96 Roberge and Sheers both win their second World Cup tournaments at the Cafe de Colombia Water Ski World Cup at the US Open (US Open Finals Scorebook)

22JUN96 Roberge and Toni Neville lead in Cafe de Colombia World Cup Preliminaries at the US Open - US Open finalists in all events in this scorebook

18JUN96 US Open this weekend is the next Cafe de Colombia Water Ski World Cup event

Paddy Classic to be World Cup Finals announced by World Cup Chairman Corson

IWSF and World Sports Marketing agree to stage women's World Cup Stop at Indianapolis on July 13,14

16JUN96 USA-Blue, USA-Red, and Canada finish 1-2-3 in inaugural World University Trophy (Awards summary)

Full Scorebook details of the WUT

13JUN96 World University Trophy starts in Milledgeville, Ga, USA with teams from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Colombia, Mexico, and Finland

09JUN96 Brenda Nichols-Baldwin and Carl Roberge win at World Cup stop in Shreveport

08JUN96 Shakeup in World Cup points standings as first US stop of the Cafe de Colombia World Cup preliminary round ends with Toni Neville (AUS) and John Swanson (USA) leading the field

05JUN96 IWSF TC Chairman Corson announces approval of Emma Sheers record application of 48.2m performed at the Masters' Qualifier on May 19th at Sunset Lakes (Jack Travers' site)

Shreveport World Cup set for June 8/9. Results will be available here as the tournament progresses.

The World University Trophy is ready to start on June 11. Results will be available here as the tournament progresses.

22MAY96 Sola Masters World Cup stop cancelled due to sponsor pull-out announced by Sola Executive Board

Emma Sheers (AUS) jumps 48.2m (158ft) at Jack Travers' site for new pending world record

19MAY96 1997 World Water Ski Championships to be hosted by Colombia in Medellin sponsored by Bavaria

19MAY96 1996 World Cableski Trophy not to be held as announced by Harry de Laat, Commission Chairman

15May96 New proposal for Visually Handicapped Competition

13MAY96 Contact bcorson@telesciences.com about distribution of windows beta version of video jump measurement program

08MAY96 Pat Carroll (CAN) named Chief Judge of World University Trophy - other officials and rules modification announced.

08MAY96 Download WSTIMS 96 update

08MAY96 Patrice Martin sets pending trick record tie at 11,420 in Florida

29APR96 US Open site change to Greenville, NC (Overton's) and date change to June 22 announced by AWSA

29APR96 New AWSA Survey Software Released - Available in Download File Section

23APR96 Cafe De Colombia signs multi year deal with IWSF to sponsor World Cup

22APR96 Shreveport US Pro Tour Stop on June 8/9 joins World Cup Circuit

04APR96 1996 World Barefoot Championships to be held in Fergus Falls, USA

03APR96 Sola Masters site detailed in report on World Cup Page


PASO Congress officially places Water Skiing on the program for the 99 Pan Am Games in Winnipeg

13MAR96 1996 Moomba Masters Results


Arena Masters (Milan, ITA) and Sola Masters (Karlstad, SWE) join World Cup Circuit


1996 Tournament Rules Addendum finalized

Clunie (CAN) and Sheers (AUS) win first IWSF World Cup 96 event

IWSF World Cup 96 Leaps on to Ski Scene - Jaret Llewellyn (CAN) 211ft and Toni Neville (AUS) 134ft lead after Preliminaries - Complete Preliminary Results"

08Mar96 Junior Moomba Results

07MAR96 TC Chairman Corson disapproves Cox Record Application due to non-compliance with IWSF Rule 10.06 (skier supplied handle length)

05MAR96 Final 1995 World Ranking List Released

27FEB96 IWSF unveils 1996 World Cup Logo(full size here)

24FEB96 Video Jump Meausurement and Speed Control Technologies featured in US based international magazine "Popular Mechanics", March Issue

22FEB96 IWSF President Botero reopens bidding for the 1997 World Waterski Championships

22FEB96 1997 World Racing Championships finalized for South Africa

22FEB96 1996 World Cableski Trophy is still available to interested organizers

22FEB96 Tournament Water Ski Software review

20FEB96 EAME Cableski Council announces Cableski Seminar near Amsterdam

14FEB96 IWSF Jump Plans now available - see resources page (below)

14FEB96 IWSF Tournament Manual and Trick Calling Manual now available (see below)

14FEB96 IWSF HomePage has new address

14FEB96 New Download Feature Section to download files and rankings

14FEB96 Greeting Message from IWSF President Andres Botero

14FEB96 Latest Issue of Water Ski News (Vol.3 No.1) is distributed

29JAN96 World University Trophy Announced for Milledgeville, GA, USA June 11-16

29JAN96 Leforestier skis 11,620 and applies for a World Record

29JAN96 Preliminary Ranking List for October 1995 Released

29JAN96 Direct Link Feature Added to Home Page (see next section)

29JAN96 GAISF Web Site to include IWSF

29JAN96 PASO Executive Committee agrees to Water Skiing in 99 Pan Am Games

15JAN96 IWSF Announces World Cup Negotiations

30DEC95 1995 Latin American Tournament a Success in Santiago, Chile (with photos)

30DEC95 IWSF Home Page accessed by more than 30 countries

15OCT95 Wade Cox (USA) skis 4@10.25m and applies for World Record Tie

15OCT95 Bruce Neville (AUS) jump of 67.2 m is approved as new World Record

15OCT95 Kristi Overton's World Record Tie of 3@10.75 is approved