30Apr00 99 World Ranking List Overall Finalized

25Apr00 Emma Sheers Jump of 51.4m approved as new World Record

The approval was announced by the IWSF Tournament Council today
Emma Sheers AUS
Photo: Des Burke-Kennedy/IWSF

23Apr00 Individual Entries will be allowed in the World Seniors Trophy

The IWSF TC has decided to allow Federations to enter non-team contestants in the Seniors Trophy on a limited, space available basis.
Each Federation may enter up to two skiers in each event. The selection will be based on the average of the skier's best two submitted performances. The performances must have been done under IWSF Rules.
The complete Rules and details will be available shortly.
The World Seniors Trophy is being held in Mossiac, France on July 27-30 and is the official world-wide competition sanctioned by the IWSF for the Senior Divisions.
Watch here for the first information Bulletin.

19Apr00 World Wakeboard Championships Bulletin 1 is now avilable

Federations can record their intent to compete by clicking here

14Apr00 World Junior Water Ski Championships 2000 web site now available

Courtesy of Delta I.S.O.

09Apr00 New pending World Jump Record of 51.4m by Emma Sheers

The performance was at Jack Travers' site in Okahumpka, Fl.
Emma Sheers AUS
Photo: Des Burke-Kennedy/IWSF
Toni Neville AUS also exceeded the World Record with 51.1m, but it was after Emma jumped 51.4m and only one record from a single round can be approved.

08Apr00 Bulletin Number 1 for the World Junior Championships is now available

You may fill in the Intention to Enter Form on-line here

08Apr00 IWSF Press Release - Doping Control

06Apr00 IWSF Wakeboard Council Meets in Orlando

The IWSF wakeboard council met in Ft. Lauderdale on the weekend of the US Pro Tour stop

IWSF Wakeboard Council with President Botero

From left to right: Alan Bubolz USA, Jean-Claude Durousseaud FRA, Hans Otte GER, Andres Botero, Katsu Susukida JAP, Colin Hart AUS

06Apr00 Argentina Championships in skiing and Wakeboard this weekend at Puerto Roldan

Tournament Poster

05Apr00 World Cup stop added to the IWSF World Cup

A stop including Men Jump and Women Slalom has been added at Recetto, Italy. See the World Cup page for details

04Apr00 Freddy Krueger Ski Flys 87.2m (286ft)at Ft. Lauderdale

Freddy's jump is a new US Pro Tour record
Photo Credit: Des Burke-Kennedy/IWSF

31Mar00 The IWSF is holding its first Annual Photography Contest

Read how to enter here.

29Mar00 Complete Results from Latin Amrican Championships 2000

Francisco Mirando CHI flies over the Andes
at the Latin American Championships
Photo: Vern Oberg/IWSF

29Mar00 World Junior Championships historical data now on-line

If you have any additional information, please send it in.

27Mar00 IWSF Wakeboard Council will meet in Ft. Lauderdale on April 1

There is also a non-voting member for Cable Wakeboard, Hans Otte (GER).

26Mar00 Latin American Championships completed

Reports by Vern Oberg

26Mar00 2000 Tournament Rules Released

26Mar00 Racing Rules now at iwsf.com

24Mar00 Latin American Championships in progress

Reports to date by Vern Oberg

Peru has a big fan section
Photo: Vern Oberg/IWSF

Toti Miranda CHI in the slalom course
Photo: Vern Oberg/IWSF

Arturo Torres of Mexico
Photo: Vern Oberg/IWSF

Vrini Ritschard has come a long way
from Switzerland to Chile to help
scan tricks.
Photo: Vern Oberg/IWSF
See the tournament scorebook up to this point

23Mar00 Latin American Championships start in Santiago, Chile

The 2000 Latinos features 80 Competitors from 6 countries - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Luis Visconte, Argentina rounding buoy 2 at 12 meters
Photo Credit: Vern Oberg/IWSF

22Mar00 Skiers win Invitation to Masters

Sarah Gatty Saunt GBR, Geraldine Jamin FRA and Josh Sanders AUS have all received recent invitations to the prestigous Masters tournament by meeting the qualification of winning a World Cup tournament.
Sarah Gatty Saunt qualified by winning tricks at Moomba and overall at Oz Ski
Photo Credit: Des Burke-Kennedy/IWSF
Geraldine Jamin won slalom at Moomba
Photo Credit: Des Burke-Kennedy/IWSF
Josh Sanders won Wakeboard at Moomba

There are still three US Pro Tour stops before May 15th that give skiers a chance to qualify for the Masters by winning their event.
Other Masters Invitees and Criteria

20Mar00 Harris conducts and on-line poll for the USOC on which sport should be included in the next Olympics. Click here to participate and vote for water-skiing.

19Mar00 Freddy Krueger USA wins Mulwala International Ski Flying Championship

Jaret Llewellyn CAN and Bruce Neville AUS are 2nd and 3rd.
This A$25,000 event had Correct Craft as its major sponsor.
Full results are here
Tournament information here

17Mar00 IWSF Tournament Council releases final Rules text

The text has been available, but this includes the final 2nd segment jump timing rule.

16Mar00 Italian Water Ski Federation is making available a video of the 1999 World Championships

The production will be limited so reserve your copy now. Click for information

13Mar00 Wakeboard World Championships date change

The IWSF and the organizers of the World Wakeboard Championships have agreed on a date change. The championships will now be held on September 14-17 instead of the previously announced September 2-3. The championships are being held in Montpellier, France.

08Mar00 Wakeboard News

The International Water Ski Federation wishes to announce that due to the popularity of the new discipline of Wakeboarding throughout the world and following the wishes of our member federations we have set-up a new World Wakeboard Council chaired by Jean-Claude Durousseaud from France.

The International Olympic Committee recognises the IWSF as the world governing body for this spectacular new discipline.

The first IWSF World Wakeboard Championships will be staged in Montpellier, France September 2000.

Wakeboard will also be part of the next World Games in Akita, Japan = August 2001.

07Mar00 Masters releases list of invitees

Junior Masters Invitees
Masters Invitees
All invitees outside of the United States are asked to please fax (407/851-6591) or email (gfowler@correctcraft.com) their postal address so that invitations and registration documents can be sent as soon as possible.

02Mar00 Who will win World Cup 2000?

Give your opinion by voting here or see the results if you have already voted

02Mar00 Homologation Dossier Creation program for 2000 now available from Emmanuel Lion

01Mar99 Final World Ranking List is released

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Ski Flying

29Feb00 World Cup 2000 starts this weekend at Oz Ski

Follow the action at the official IWSF World Cup web page

25Feb00 Mulwala International Ski Flying tournament announced

For information, contact the organizers here

20Feb00 Successful Asian-Australasian Region Championship tournament held in New Zealand

Asian-Australasian tournament performance data available here

17Feb00 Olympic Update form Sydney

Sec. Gen. Graziano Tognala and President Andres Botero in Sydney

17Feb00 1999 World Ranking List performance data is now database accessible - try it out

14Feb00 2000 World Ranking List tournament result data is now uploadable and viewable

Upload it here
View uploaded data here here

13Feb00 Latest Version of Ranking list published including overall and all known corrections


11Feb00 Olympic recognition to be discussed in Sydney

11Feb00 President Andres Botero's remarks on the Olympics

11Feb00 Secretary General Graziano Tognala's remarks at the EAME Congress

04Feb00 World Ranking List general re-issue

All of the lists have been re-issued to incorporate all of the reported errors.

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Ski Flying
All Data (500K)

03Feb00 IWSF Wakeboard World Championships awarded to France

The competition will take place in the beautiful site of Montpellier in the south of France on September 16th and 17th, 2000.

See Expired News Headlines here (up to 31Jan00)