Choose Freedom

As you know in just 4 weeks the IWSF will organise it's first Wakeboard World Championships in the South of France from 14th-17th September.

You may be aware the WWA and some American firms urged the riders to boycott this event and asked the press to do the same.

I write to confirm your position as a rider. The IWSF have confirmed and are changing their bylaws not to place sanctions. The rules clearly state :

" no sanctions will be placed on any rider entering WWA events and competitors are allowed to compete in both WWA and IWSF competitions. This is also the case for officials."

It is time to realise that this boycott is not against IWSF but AGAINST THE SPORT AND YOUR FREEDOM.

It is time to let your sponsors know that you don't want to miss this opportunity to ride for your country and national team !

The event is truly international already with well over 100 riders from 25 countries competing and we also have an experienced fully international wakeboard judging panel from over 10 countries.

It is time to let your sponsors know that the industry has to serve the sport rather than trying to manipulate it.

If you share those feelings please circulate this mail to all the riders you know.

If like me, you think it is time to choose freedom don't hesitate to let me know by mail at

Come and join us in the South of France for a truly " world " event and not just another wakeboard comp ! Looking forward to seeing you there.

Jean-Claude Durousseaud

Chairman World Wakeboard Council - IWSF