Press Release - for immediate publication.
To All National Federations, To All Riders.


Technical Information for the 2000 Wakeboard World Championships

Dear Federations and Riders,

On August 23 you received a document in attachment to the Press Release from the Secretary General entitled "Technical Information for the 2000 Wakeboard World Championships".

Please note an important correction to that document -

Under the heading  "Team Event" the text should read as follows:

The text which states "8 Riders make a National Team - maximum 2 Riders per category for a maximum of 4 categories" is NOT correct.
Please be sure to note this correction as it is very important, you will find in attachment to this message the CORRECTED document.
If you have any need for further clarification do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you for your attention,
Colin Hart
Chief Judge
IWSF Wakeboard World Championships 2000

For more information contact Colin Hart at cmh@wakejudge.com

For any further information please feel free to contact the IWSF Headquarters.
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40134 Bologna Italy
Tel: +39.051.615.29.56
fax: +39.051615.5015
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