Cablewakeboard Subcommission

Chairman: Hans Otte

Treskowallee 86 D-10318 Berlin


fax + 49 (0) 30 503 821 90

phone +49(0)30 508 2264


European Cable Wakeboard Tour 2000 - ECWT


Dear friends, hi riders,

with appendix you´ll have the official OVERALL results of the ECWT 2000.

You know, that it was not possible to organise the finalstop in Milano/Italy.

And so it was decided by Cablewakeboard Commission to add the three best results of five for the final placement.

Congratulations to U K, to BEN HITCH – he is the TOURWINNER 2000 -men. GREAT !


Congratulations to GER, to SABINE SCHMITT – she is the TOURWINNER 2000 –ladies.

This is her third success in row.

Thanks to all participators, to the judges, to all organisers and thanks to the cableway owners.

All they have worked very hard to make the ECWT 2000 successful.

And dear Italian friends, all we was high motivated to go to Milano for an excellent tourfinal. But sorry, the cableway wasn´t ready in time.

And so we shall give you a new chance, a second chance to organise the ECWT Final 2001 in Bella Italia.


Hans Otte