Bob Corson USA Chairman - Pan Am Region

Jeffry Armstrong USA Pan Am Region

Peter Person CAN Pan Am Region

Bruce Douglas NZE Asia Australasia Region

Ron Fergusson AUS Asia Australasia Region

Paul Fong SIN Asia Australasia Region

Stefan Rauchenwald AUT EAME Region

Gillian Hill GBR EAME Region

Alain Amade FRA EAME Region

Scott Ellis USA Athlete's commission

Helena Kjellander SWE had resigned as Chairman of the Athletes Committee. Scott was representing the AC at this meeting.

JA requested that observers suggested and approved by any of the Regional Councils be allowed to attend this meeting (as observer) with no voice. Agreed this would be allowed but with limited numbers and subject to approval of each Regional Council Chairman. A maximum of 3 observers per region depending also in space available in the designated meeting room. Agreed.


Insert diagram into rules. No changes needed in the dimensions. The ramp needs to be shown as open on the diagram.


This is our current restriction, however, there are some situations where there are more than one record set in one round. Council agreed to recognize any records set regardless if they are in the same round but naturally in time sequence.

RULE 15.16

The wording needs clarification Change "If a trick (non 180) is listed more than once Ö." Agreed.


Request from Pan Am to use only Method 2 for all buoy timing. Because this would mean both manufacturers changing their all buoy timing display it was agreed in principle to give one year notice of change, with method 2 only being used from 2002 onwards. However, no formal change would be made until Bob had met with the manufacturers and had further discussions with Dave Clark.

The WTC would like to see a printed log of the speed control settings and changes during an event. This would also be raised by Bob in his meeting.

The Council wished to utilize a parallel display for the judge in the boat so the Judge sees exactly what is on the drivers control panel. It was believed this technology was available. Again Bob would speak with the manufacturers This requirement would also impact on the trick event (see later in Minutes).



There was a proposal to approve the exception made this year to allow the second segment to have a broader range of times. This is because the machine is driving and it is conforming to set parameters. Agreed to accept the proposal for the coming year. The timing chart circulated at the table was accepted and is attached to these Minutes.

Can the S2 factor be changed during an event? No.

Note: Under review

Scott was asked to work with the athletes on experimenting with different length courses. Two 82 metre boxes might work better. .


The EB voted that they would allow World Under 21 Championships. The search was on for an organiser.


Bob had been working on the rules and the organisation of the 2001 World Cup. This is based on a self funding arrangement where all the organisers have to pay towards the year end purse. If a sponsor is acquired then these arrangements would change. .

The following outline rules were agreed but were subject to comment by the Athletes Commisssion:

Skier contract will be prepared between skier and organizer to detail the rights and responsibilities of each party and remedies and adjudication method if the contract is abrogated.

Bob / IWSF role is to act as honest broker between the organisers of the events and the skiers.


suggestion is to use 3 judges only - either just 3 or two lots of 3. Agreed that 3 or 5 is acceptable. For L & R all 3 must be 1st class. If using 5 judges in L class two may be 2nd class.

Immediate video review must be available to the judges if three are used.

If a record is set then five judges must review it - the Chief Judge and Assistant being the additional two record review judges.

A suggestion to require judges re-write the trick sheet in full trick code after each pass was not agreed. If shorthand was being used then it should be published for the skiers/ team captains to see and understand.

Use of video - the TC agreed that at the request of a judge (and approved by the Chief Judge) the video may be reviewed to establish credit or no credit of a trick or tricks provided the judge(s) states which trick(s) they wish to review. It is not the intention to review the entire run.

Add "applicable event judges" to the video rule c.


The distance shall be communicated to the skier. Agreed if the skier is misinformed or not informed then a re-ride shall be offered on the next jump. Panel decision on protected score.


The matrix put round by Bob was accepted in principle. A minimum of 2 drivers was required at all world titled events.


Any additional judges recruited during an event to assist become event judges only. They are not appointed judges.


PP will hand over the Pan Am arrangements. AA Region system is under development as we meet. Stefan will compare them.


Veteran slalom events with no impact on the world ranking list can go over 3 rounds if desired. But results will not be included on the list.


Suggestion from PP for a 0.263 angle ramp. Finds no favour at present.


This will occur at several events next year. Maximum speed of 66 kph women and 72 kph men.

Records will now be kept under the same standards as Men Ski Flying. As we are just starting this event,

the best performance from the first sanctioned event will establish the World Record.


The AC wish to open the ramp more for all divisions. 2 - 4 degrees with 3 recommended. The bottom of the ramp will come in - the top will stay where it is. This was agreed.


The selection had changed a couple of times - final mandate is to have Overall skiers only and from as many countries as possible. Using the overall ranking list for Men and Women separately one skier from each country is chosen first, going to the end of the list and then repeating with the second skier from each country until the entry number is achieved. The dates are the 20 -23 August 2001 which is pretty much in front of the worlds. 25 men and 20 women. If a skier cannot go then the Federation will be required to provide a substitute.


The TC agreed to award all medals at the World Veterans This was subsequently ratified by the EB.


It was reported that Wakeboard standards are being set for boat testing. While this is not the jurisdiction of this council it was noted that in many cases the tests will be held at the same time and naturally there will be complete and full cooperation between councils.


Ron has a problem with the execution of the Front Flip. There are still skiers doing it the "cheap way". Agreed Bob will get clips of a good and a bad - and put them on the web to show what should be allowed and what should not..


Suggestion to have an established time by which results for seedings must be provided for World titled events. It was agreed to utilise a version of the EAME wording..

For all World titled events the latest published Rankings list score of each skier will be used for seeding purposes unless by 12 noon on the day before competition, proof of a higher performance in writing is received. Proof must be in the form of a copy of the signed results or a copy of a carnet page and can be sent by mail, fax or via the Team Manager. If Federations knowingly submit a wrong higher score sanctions will be applied. If no rankings list score is available then proof is required in the same time frame.


Each discipline is being treated as a separate record - with trick review, slalom review and jump review by the judges on the site.


Pan Am proposed to require open men to jump at 1.80m with no option for 1.65m.

This was agreed for World Cup events only - women at 1.65 and men at 1.80.

For World Championships there is no change at present.

Scott asked the Council to think about a universal ramp height for all skiers - as an idea a 26 feet long (add on bottom) at the 5 foot angle gives 24.5 feet out of water with 5'10" at the top end.


Rule 13:15 para 4 applies. The skier gets a reride.


Slalom and Jump delays of 10 minutes or more - allow a free warm up pass/ jump with a protected score. Agreed.

RULE 8.02

No change to Rule 8.02 - no global protection, each case reviewed on its merits.

RULE 7.03

7.03 change heading to personal flotation device.

Add: - It is the responsibility of each skier to ensure their pfd meets the following specifications. A PFD must be worn in slalom and jump but is at the skier's option in tricks.

RULE 10.04

10.04 a) second line - add minimum to start of line re yarns.

Remove reference to diameter.

RULE 10.07

10.07 g - no change

RULE 13.07

13.07 - jump ride out.

No change.

RULE 13.13

If any skier refuses to ski then the others shall ride off. If there is only one willing to ski he shall be the one who goes through. Just for clarification- no rule change.

RULE 13.15

The skier shall be notified if the time is fast and also advised of the distance.

RULE 15.11

change last para to:-

The skier may place a tournament supplied weight of between 20 - 50 kg in the boat on the floor side to side by the feet of the pin man or behind the engine cover. Agreed.

RULE 15.19D

Change to

Toehold stepover tricks must be a simultaneous action. The towing foot may not touch the water during the execution of the trick, except that at the end of the trick after the stepover and turn are complete either the towing foot or the ski may touch down first.




The TC have been unhappy with the new rule. It was therefore agreed to revert to the old rule supplemented by the use of diagrams in the rule book. Centre line of the ski up to the centre line of the buoy. Centre to centre is the last place to be IN.

For judging the buoys video from the boat is a good option. Video gate judging HIGHLY recommended for World Cup stops.


Are we reaching the physical end of what is possible in slalom - 1 @ 9.75 is the world record. This will get beaten, but when it is finally run, should we insert a 9.50 m line. AGREED.

The problem of getting a shortening in so small a space would be resolved somehow. The use of a 2nd rope would be allowed.

Also to ask the skiers for input into ideas for slalom.


World Sports & Marketing Company have been seeking title to announce professional world records and rankings. They are using their magazine and their events to select who has records under their situation. We challenge this idea. They are a professional company who are holding pro tour events. They can declare event records for their own events unilaterally and under their own standards. However, they have no authority to declare or certify records outside that scope as that is the responsibility and authority of the IWSF.

At cash prize tournaments, Scott said the pressure is on with all the best skiers there, regardless of the event, TV, crowds, money, etc. They don't like records set at back woods tournaments.

We have to find a method of achieving one list which accommodates the needs of all the athletes. Maybe by region first and then by world. We could use a straight points system (like World cup) - or the Pass system which took into account who was there. Bob will run a trial using the 2000 lists from World Cup, Pro Tour, and use performances further down the list. Integrating the scores into a one list.


We have waited for input from the trick skiers, but this has failed to materialise. The TC is anxious to do something for the trick event in addition to bringing it in as part of the World Cup.

After discussion:

Agreed to add 3 new flips:

Separate numbers on all existing flips and limit the total number of flips for each skier to 6.

JA to ask skiers re points for those tricks not currently being performed as well as these new Tricks.

Agreed also a 1 year experiment for World Cup Tricks (only) with a limitation of 6 tricks per category as per EAME proposal.

Trick categories:

Hand Tricks

Toe Tricks

Surface turns (inc Side Slides)

Surface tricks

Wake tricks

Wake tricks

Step Tricks

Step tricks



Ski Line tricks


Where possible video from the boat should be allowed.

Clarification of start time is agreed.

For surface turns - as the skier starts the turn, for wake tricks as the skierís leg (foot in binding) reaches the crest of the wake.

Pre turns are the problem of the judges not the timer.

End of time - trick must be completed.

Video timing mandatory for 2001.

3 Judges allowed

Video review allowed as decided earlier.

Sheet review - no change at present.

Experiment with pin man given the responsibility to change the speed for skier and then no re-runs allowed for speed.

Suggestion to eliminate submitted trick list not agreed.


For the speedorldtrol table the skier distance (World Record) used is the same for all skiers.


The web pages will have a dedicated area for rule changes during a season - after the rule changes are published. Any subsequent changes will be notified on this page.


The following new World records were noted:

World Tournament Council Minutes September 2000