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IWSF Executive Board Meeting 2000

On September 6th and 7th the Executive Board of the International Water Ski Federation had its annual meeting in Agrinio, Greece, site of the Junior Tournament World Championships.

The IWSF Executive Board includes representatives from throughout the world of all three Regions and from all seven disciplines, including two representatives from the Athletes Commission.

Immediately after opening the meeting President Andres Botero from Colombia updated the board members concerning the Olympic project. He said that he was most confident that the Athens Organising Committee would continue to request its right that the International Olympic Committee consider the request to include Waterskiing in the 2004 Olympic Games once the Olympic Games in Sydney were over.

In the meantime Waterskiing is preparing its participation in the World Games in Akita(Japan) next summer where it will be present with the disciplines of Tournament (overall), Barefoot (overall) and Wakeboard.

The Board was also informed that the four-year sponsor agreement with Café de Colombia for the World Cup had come to an end. The board expressed its thanks to Café de Colombia for their support during these years and are looking forward to an equally excellent World Cup in 2001.

The Board agreed for a new world titled event, the Under 21 tournament World Championship, to be organised for the first time in 2002.

Dr. Ross Outerbridge from Canada, chairman of the medical committee visited the meeting to report on the anti-doping policy and practice within the IWSF. He explained that the IWSF was in line with the new Olympic movement anti-doping policy, and the goals for the coming season were set to improve quality of control, including an out-of-.competition test programme.

The next day the new discipline of Wakeboard was discussed by the board. Jean-Claude Durousseaud from France, chairman of the World Wakeboard Council, explained the history which led to the first World Wakeboard Championships to be held next week in Montpellier, France, and the first World Cable Wakeboard Championships that will take place in Germany in the beginning of August 2001.

The important decision was taken to grant Council status to the discipline of Cable Waterskiing, in consideration of the successful second World Championships just completed in Slovakia , and with the widespread diffusion of cable competitions in the entire world.

After two days of hard work the meeting was closed and all Board Members went to the splendid site of the lake of Stratos, Agrinio, to enjoy the delightful Opening Ceremonies Event followed by the Junior World Championships, until Sunday September 10th.

Graziano Tognala
IWSF Secretary General

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