Report from Vern Oberg

We are well on our way here in Piestkany Slovakia (pronounced Pie esh cannee.) The trick eliminations are complete and it was very fast and exciting.

For those who do not know how this event is run, we ran thru the entire seed, 1st pass then ran everyone again on their second pass.

Non stop continuous action except for a few moments when the cable jambed! Results for this round are on the cable website which you should find on

Tomorrow is the slalom and jump eliminations and judging by the familiarization rounds, it is going to be exciting. I witnessed some loooong jumps and deep slalom!

For those of you who think you can run deep slalom "behind a boat", you gotta try cable - it's a whole new ballgame dudes! I'm going to try it manana and will give you my impression and if I make my first pass, I'll be happy (but that aint likely!).

You mess up on cable and you get slingshot across the water! Wild stuff!

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