Report from Xia Xuezhen Secretary General Chinese Water Ski Association

Dear officials and skiers: Following the closing of the 2000 Olympic Games on October 1, 2000, many activities for the Chinese Olympic Delegation will be arranged in Beijing till October 15, which will surely draw much attention of the Chinese people, media and high position officials.

We are now trying to include our tournament as part of the Beijing’s bidding for 2008 Olympic Games and we have received positive replies from Beijing 2008 Olympic Bidding Committee.

However, the officials of the Committee request us to fix an appropriate time for the water ski event so that thorough preparations are possible, and as a part of bidding activities, it should be a great success and draw much attention from the government officials, media and people.

It is the first time for Beijing to hold an international water ski tournament, in which many world top jump skiers will participate. We wish to make it a complete success so that we may leave on all people from the central government, Beijing Municipal Government, Media agencies, etc. a deep impression about water skiing.

The tournament’s success will also help to our effort of including water skiing into the Olympics if Beijing is the next host of the Olympic Games.

For the above reasons, we decide to postpone the date of our tournament to October 20 –22. The schedule will be as follows:October 18 – Arrival.

October 19 – Training.October 20 – Opening ceremony.

October 21 – Preliminary round.October 22 – Final round.October 23 – Departure.

The daytime temperature during the tournament will be around 18?, while the water temperature will be around 16?.

We appreciate your understanding for the change.

If you have further questions, please contact us immediately.

Sincerely yours,

Xia Xuezhen Secretary General Chinese Water Ski Association

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