AUGUST 20 - 25th, 2002

Wallsee / Austria


Bulletin #1

April 2002

We are pleased to formally invite all IWSF federations, their skiers and supporters to the

13TH IWSF WORLD BAREFOOT WATER SKIING CHAMPIONSHIPS held by the First Austrian Barefoot Waterski Club in cooperation with the Wassersportzentrum Wallsee, in commission and with permit of the Austrian Waterski Federation OeWSV – and the Austrian Bundessportorganisation.


The First Austrian Barefoot Waterski Club is situated in Wallsee, a small village on river Danube, about 40 km from Linz Airport and 120 km from Vienna.

The site hosted the Region EAME Barefoot Championships 2000 and numerous Region EAME Barefoot Challenges over the last years.

The site can be viewed on the homepage of the Wassersportzentrum Wallsee – www.wsz.at.

Official Tournament Towboats

The Malibu Flightcraft Barefooter will be the exclusive towboat of the 2002 World Barefoot Water Skiing Championships. One of the towboats will be rigged with Mariner 200, the other one with Yamaha V Pro 200 outboards (both carbureted engines).

The prop configuration and the decision which boat pulls the Slalom and Trick event will be announced in Bulletin #2.

Official Tournament Towropes

The 2002 World Barefoot Championships official rope supplied for all tournament events (including jump) will be a "coated" Spectra line. The specific manufacturer will be announced in Bulletin #2.

Drug Testing

In accordance with the International Water Ski Federation (IWSF) Anti-Doping Policy, random drug testing may be conducted on any of the competition days. These tests will be administered by the Austrian Anti Doping Committee (OeADC).

Biography Info

Please also return biographical sketches on each participant entered in the competition for both team and individual (Rule C408-3) skiers. Registration will not be complete without this information. In addition, a formal team photograph is requested for publication in the official Media Guide once the IWSF "Intent to Enter" is submitted 60 days prior to the start of competition.


August will be summer for Austria. Temperatures may vary from a minimum of about 15° to a max of about 35° Celsius during the day and 10° to 20° Celsius at night.

Tentative Schedule

A provisional event schedule is enclosed that will be subject to change based on the preliminary number of teams and entries and also by the Chief Judge of the Championships.

The opening/welcoming ceremonies will begin at 7:00 pm on Tuesday August 20nd (either in a nearby castle or aboard a ship on river Danube).

The Champions Party will begin at 8:00 on Saturday, August 24th.



As detailed in the IWSF/WBC rule book, each team skier will receive 8 minutes familiarization time. After we receive Intent to enter entry forms, a schedule will be finalized and circulated. Individual entrants will receive 2.5 minutes familiarization time for each event entered.

Entry fee

Authorized by the IWSF Barefoot Council the entry fee for the competition will be € 200 (Euro) each skier.for all three events

The entry fee must be paid in euro at the time of registration in Wallsee. The IWSF will designate a person in charge of collecting these fees on site. No skier will be allowed to ski without paying the entry fee.

Intention to enter

If you are planning to send a team and/or individual skiers to these championships please fill in the enclosed form and return as soon as possible (May 20, 2002 the latest).

Entry forms

will follow enclosing Bulletin #2


All contestants will have to sign an indemnity form prior to the start of the training.


Shuttle transportation to and from the airports for the officials and the IWSF Barefoot Council members will be provided with the provision that at least 2 weeks advance notice of flight details are given.

Transportation for the teams will not be provided in general.

In case you need to be picked from the airport, etc. please contact Bernhard (see below).


Officials rooms are being reserved. The costs will be paid from Tuesday night to Sunday morning.

Rooms for the WBC Members are being reserved from Monday on.

Teams please contact Ms. Schuster at the region´s tourist agency:

Mostviertel Tourismus GmbH

Adalbert Stifter-Strasse 4

A-3250 Wieselburg

phone: ++437416 52191

fax:++437416 53087

e-mail: office@most4tel.com

All teams are responsible for paying their own accommodations.

Secretariat address

The address for correspondence on this competition is:

Bernhard Kosch

fax: ++43 2243 80668

mobile: ++43 664 28 63 523

e-mail: waterski@eunet.at



We look forward to welcoming you to Wallsee!

Best regards,


Bernhard Kosch

Secretary General, OeWSV


World Barefoot Council Meeting

Team Registration

Site Familiarization

Team Manager’s Meeting & Officials Seminar/Meeting

7:00 PM Opening Ceremonies


8:00 AM Continuation of Site Familiarization

Start of Competition

Group D Male Tricks

Group C Male Slalom

Group B Female Jump

Group D Male Jump

THURSDAY; August 22, 2002

7:00 A.M. Competition

Group B Male Slalom

Group D Male Slalom

Group B Male Tricks

Group C Male Jump

Group B Female Slalom

Group C Male Tricks

Group A Female Jump

FRIDAY; August 23, 2002

7:00 AM Start of Competition.

Group B Male Tricks

Group A Male Slalom

Group B Male Jump

Group A Male Tricks

Group B Female Tricks

Group A Female Slalom

Group A Male Jump

SATURDAY; August 24, 2002


8:00 Start of Competition

Female Slalom

Male Slalom

Female Tricks

Male Tricks

Female Jump

Male Jump

8:00 PM Champions Party

SUNDAY; August 25, 2002


Boat Parade Female Slalom

FINALS - Female Slalom

Boat Parade Male Slalom

FINALS - Male Slalom


Boat Parade Female Tricks

FINALS - Female Tricks

Boat Parade Male Tricks

FINALS - Male Tricks

Boat Parade Female Jump

FINALS - Female Jump

Boat Parade Male Jump

FINALS - Male Jump

PM Award Presentation Banquet



AUGUST 20- 25th, 2002

Wallsee / Austria






Please return this form via FAX or e-mail by May 20, 2002 to aid in event organization

FEDERATION: ________________________________________________________

We intend to enter a team to the 13th World Barefoot Water Skiing Championships. We anticipate our team planning as follows:

____ Male Skiers / ____ Female Skiers / ____ Team Officials

____ Coaches / ____ Managers


We also expect to enter skiers who qualify in the Top 12 Ranking Lists as individual entrants:


____ Male / ____ Female


____ Male / ____ Female


____ Male / ____ Female


Contact Person for future information (Please type or print legibly):

Name ____________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________


Phone ____________________________________________________________________

Fax ____________________________________________________________________

E-Mail: ____________________________________________________________________



Bernhard Kosch

Secretary General, Austrian Waterski Federation

fax: ++43 2243 80668

mobile: ++43 664 2863523

e-mail: waterski@eunet.at



Additional (unofficial) training!



Wednesday, August 14 to Friday, August 16,

09:00 am – 06:00pm

training times on the site of the Barefoot Worlds 2002 in Wallsee will be available.


Not more than 3 hours per nation can be booked by the Federations on a first come-first served basis.

Costs per hour: euro 250,--




Please contact Bernhard Tusch (preferably via e-mail):

e-mail: btusch@utanet.at

fax: +43 1 8796857