07/12 JANUARY 2003


To all IWSF Federations


Bulletin 1

The Chilean Water Ski Federation looks forward to welcoming all Federations to the Junior World Championships 2003 in Santiago, Chile.

Competition Venue – How to reach the site

San Bernardo is situated near Santiago

Panamericana Sur Highway – Km. 25

At Km. 25 turn left and 2.5 Kms. To the Cordillera de Los Andes (East), attached you will find an areamap.

San Bernardo is 35 Kms. From Arturo Merino Benitez Airport.

25 Kms. From Santiago.

Nearest Airport Arturo Merino Benitez

Entry Fee

The entry fee agreed with IWSF will be free.

Training on site

It will be possible to train on site from 1 December at the cost of US$ 120 per hour.

As there are many countries requiring training, they will be provided with this on site anyway, only for jump.

By having too many countries requesting training, there will be two more sites to train on, as well:

1.- Los Patos, a man-made lake, only for slalom and tricks at the cost of US$ 120.

2.- Laguna Aculeo, natural, extent about 8 Kms. x 4 Kms. Only tricks, at the cost of US $

100 per hour.

Both Situated at 50 Kms. from Santiago to the South.

All the people who wants to train on these two lakes will need to rent a van since there will be NO transport.

Date and time for training must be required by e-mail at fedeesqui@sanpablosa.cl


Intention To Enter

The organizing Committee Kindly asks you to send the enclosed "Intention To Enter" form to the Chilean Water Ski Federation within 30 October 2002 by e-mail al fedeesqui@sanpablosa.cl


Official Entry Form


Enclosed you will also find the official entry form. In accordance with IWSF Rule 2.05 the entry form must be received WITHIN 30 October 2002.



All Fedration are Kindly requested to fill the Skier´s Curriculum Vitae and the enclosed accreditation form (CV, Skier, Team Captain, Team Staff, Press) and to send these back to the Chilean Water SKI Federation as soon as possible, however not later than 30 October 2002.

These papers are needed in order to let us prepare crediting cards. The Curriculum Vitae is needed for the commentator and the press.



The official hotel is NH hotels and we will have an alternative with the same quality (5 stars) and the cost is US$ 70 per day, taxes and breakfast included.

Double room: two single beds.

Single room: matrimonial bed.

All the reservations will be made through the Chilean Water Ski Federation.

Phone 56-2-6432519

Fax 56-2-6458178

E-mail fedeesqui@sanpablosa.cl

Hotels are situaded about 30 Kms. from San Bernardo.


Lunches for all entitled people and suppoters wll be supplied at the site at no cost.

Officials will be hosted by the Organizing Committee.


Final Night Banquet

The final night banquet for all entitled people and supporters will be on payment. The cost will be US$ 30 aech, but it will be free ONLY for Skiers and Judges.



The organizing Committee will supply a bus service from Arturo Merino Benitez Airport to the hotels and from the hotels to the lake only for teams and judges on 6/7/8/9/10/11/12 january 2003.

Teams needing this service are Kindly requested to inform the Organizing Committee within 30 October 2002 in order to arrange transports and a meeting point at Arturo Merino Benitez Airport.


Official Tow Boat


The two official tow boats for the Junior World Xchampionships will be supplied by Correct craft THE NEW MODEL 2002.


Perfect Pass


Software used for Perfect Pass is 6.3


Doping Control


According to IWSF Rules.



All Participants in the Junior World Championships coming from Countriesa needing VISA, must present the invitation of the Organizing Committee and / or a letter issued from their awn Federation, stating they will take part in the Championships, to the Chilean Consilate of their Country. VISA must be obteined before departure from the country of residence in order to avoid any problems at the Chilean immigration border or at any other transit border where a VISA is required.


Flags and National Anthems


Plaese bring your flag and nationalan them and deliver them to the crediting office.