Bob Corson USA, Chairman

Jeffry Armstrong USA

Ron Fergusson AUS

Emma Habermann Sheers AUS

Peter Person CAN

Murray Eade NZE

Candido Moz ITA

Stefan Rauchenwald AUT

Gillian Hill GBR

Jim Grew - Chair of the Disabled Council as an Observer

Meeting commenced at 9 am.

Skier of the Year

Raised by the Athletes Commission. EB arrived at the conclusion that the IWSF wishes to name an Athlete of the Year - from a selection of nominees from each division council, each of whom will name a male and female skier of the year.

IWSF naming between 15 December and 15 January.

So each Council needs to decide earlier than that - say 15th October normally.

The presentation should be at the next major publicity vehicle after the decision and that might be Moomba each year or another early major competition.

All Council members to consider skiers for nomination. One male, one female. Nominations in by first December.

Criteria - A well rounded athlete, good sportsman, as well as a great skier.

World Games Format

At the last event the World Games Association said they would offer only overall medals and the skier selection was based around overall.

All want events to feature rather than overall, but we need to find a method of including lots of countries and top skiers in each event. We have a little itme to do this. Also might need to increase the number of skiers.

Ben Favret Record

Ben tied the World Slalom record and Bob had checked the video and brought it to the council for full review. The deviation is obvious and the cumulative deviation is also out. The TC viewed the end of course video and could not accept the 10.25m pass.

Bob's video check program is available on the web via iwsf.com discussion board. A real-time end course monitoring program will also soon be available.




Junior Team of 6

Australia feel that a team of six would be more beneficial, than the existing 4 skiers. Agreed to take this back to each region for further discussion. Murray said that NZ are completely against the idea and feel it would hurt smaller nations.

Skier weight verification in jumping

What should everyone be wearing at the weigh in.

After discussion it was agreed that a scale is on the dock, everyone gets on before they go out to ski, in equipment in use for jumping, but no skis.

Elite Ranking List

The new ranking list under trial utilises certain events and rates them by the skiers present, cash prize, status, etc and then performs a complicated algorithm based around who beats who. The three Regional Championships will count as one event as all skiers can only attend one of these.

The inclusion of the Minneapolis event (mixed men and women for a large cash prize) had created problems and is a no win situation - half skiers wanting it in, half out.

We have learned from this experimental year that competition organisers must conform to certain rules in order to get them included in the rankings list.

The list is being taken very seriously which is an excellent result.

Should the list roll or cut off each year. There is probably room for both - a year by year points scoring from the major events. PLUS a rolling rankings list including events from a year ago.

Candido has been working on a placement based system that would include all skiers from all competitions. Competition value, skier value, who beats who.

General agreement that we need to do something, if possible, on a world wide basis to incorporate skiers from all countries into a ranking list. The current performance based list already includes world-wide results.

Agreed to apply the format to the 2001 Ranking List and compare to the Score based ranking list that the IWSF is currently using. The Council can see if the list appears rational and well balanced.

Agreed to differentiate between the number of skiers present from top 10, top20 and top 30.

Agreed to rate competitions by cash prize and importance.

For the World Championships 2003 the Elite skier points list (zero based from January 1st 2003) will be used for entry to the Worlds in place of the World Cup. Bob will work out a schedule of exact rules how many events from how many included, etc. and at what point cut off will take place.

It was agreed that the Ranking List according to our rules is (for 2002) a performance based list. The Elite Ranking list (rolling) will also be published. There was no agreed way to integrate the two lists to just have one universal ranking list.

Juniors age

Under 21 is up to and including the year of the 21st birthday.

The skier does not have to be over 17.

Team size for the Under 21 is agreed as 4 with same sex rules as Juniors.

Moving parts on bindings

No change in existing rules felt necessary.

Ballast in Boats - Tricks

The new Nautique has a ballast tank (bladder) that can be loaded for tricks and unloaded for slalom. The TC agreed that if the manufacturer can supply something to enhance the wake and it is the same for all skiers then it can be allowed.

This means that Team Managers will need to know in advance which boat, with or without ballast is going to be used.

It must be full or empty - not half.

It must be announced in advance. Some events may run with ballast and others without.

Centre mark on Windshield

A black 5 cm (approx) wide strip up the middle of the windshield will be used to show up on the end course video. If the boat already has a visible centre mark on the windshield this is not necessary. A visible mark would be a center seam between two halves of the windshield or a center swing out window that would have vertical seams on either side of center. The mark, if required would only need to come up approximately half way to the top of the windshield, but be clearly visible in the end course video.

Universal Record Form

The idea of a universal record form is a good one. That is transmitable by email. We can dispense with collecting signatures. The responsibility on officials is clear, if they are dissatisfied with the way the competition is run they must make a report. In the absence of a report it is taken that the competition was run correctly.

Emanuel Lion to be asked to incorporate this into his Water Ski Homologation programme which is freely distributed.

Small loop for 21 m rope

Suggestion to make shorted rope for use on slalom switch with a small loop so there is a clear distinction that it is short.

Ranking List for World Juniors

April 2002 Junior Ranking list will be used for Chile.

Two Level World Tournament

This comes from a request from Max Kirwan to have sub Continental results within a World Championships for say Asia, Middle East, South America and so on for develpmental and promotional purposes. The competition title will be the Sub-region (use the actual name like Asian) Championships at the World Championships.

By Geographic division seems to be the only way.

Each Region will define its own geographical sub region. Separate medals, no medal ceremonies. Team and individual results. The medals will be of a new design and separate from the World Championship medals and be provided by the Region.

Also agreed to change the rules to allow a team of three skiers whether or not qualified.

To start at Worlds 2003.

Regions to name their sub-Region areas as soon as possible.

Ski Fly Ranking List

There were 3 tournaments this year for Men, but the rules were changed on the day to increase ramp height and other items in two of them. Only 1 tournament met the rules this year. The TC agreed it could not publish a ranking list for Men for this year under these circumstances. The women's list was fine as no rule infringements had taken place.

Number of skiers in the Final

The suggestion already on the table was to allow only a fixed number of skiers into the final regardless of team or individual. Also to carry on with the Team scoring in the second round.

Agreed top 12 into each final with no reference to team or individual status.

Team scoring to continue into the second round.

Spectra rope

Can Spectra and 80 strand be combined? Yes. Do the skiers wish to bring their own jump line? Yes, then agreed they may do so. The skier must get the line checked by the homologator prior to skiing. Own risk.

National Federations or Organisers may decide not to allow own ropes at smaller events.



World Cup issues and minimum prize purse for skiers

The skiers do not want a "paper" world cup. Unless it is a proper series well marketed the skiers do not want it to use World Cup.

It is also important to have a minimum cash prize for the major events.

Welcome to Alain Amade who visited to speak about the possibility of a World Cup in 2003.

A brochure of what the World Cup is about has been prepared.

Has been taken to marketing companies.

Has been in discussions with Eurosport who are keen to be involved. But there are no big sponsors and Eurosport are not currently in a position to help find sponsors. However, Eurosport are changing their management structure and they may be able to help through their marketing arm. Possibly a small start with only 4 events, but well run and well financed.

Special format and slightly changed rules.

Possibly using students to help market and arrange events. Plus a market research exercise.

Distance settings for Speed Control for Cash Prize events

In a cash prize tournament the skiers are allowed to use the World Record distance as their best.

Generating more Tournaments by helping Federations do their own

This is an EB issue.

Conflict of Interest

AC believes the Conflict of Interest Rule needs strengthening to state that if it is at all possible and there is an alternative to avoid Conflict of Interest then it MUST be done. Something to strengthen the existing rule for L & R tournaments. You MUST comply unless it is impossible not to.

For Cash Prize tournaments, Conflict of Interest is not allowed.

Official’s Conflict of Interest: Conflicts of interest, as defined by the following

(1) An official for an event shall have no conflict of interest with respect to any skier competing in that event.

For this purpose "official" shall include boat drivers, event judges, scorers and all secondary positions.

(2) At least one-half of the Appointed Judges shall have no conflict of interest with any skier competing in the

event. If a conflict of interest exists, the appointed official so affected shall not rule.

A conflict of interest shall be regarded as existing if the official is:

(1) A member of the immediate family of a contestant, to include lineal descendants and ancestors, brothers,

sisters, and spouses of the contestant or any of the above family members.

(2) In a position which may give the appearance of a lack of independence. These conflicts shall be deter-mined

by the Chief Judge with respect to event officials and by the Appointed Judges with respect to the

Chief Judge and other appointed officials.

Change to Ski Fly Rules

Agreed to change the course width to 19 and 23 metres.

Ramp height is still not finalised. Emma will deal with this and advise.

Slalom - full point scoring

Suggestion from the AC to score a full buoy only via a definite attempt to get to the next buoy and after crossing the second line of buoys. The TC agreed that this is a big rule change and they want further input from the AC before making a decision. Emma would take this on board.

Handle measuring

Suggestion that handles are measured after skiing, not before, and if it turns out too long then the score does not count.

Agreed to ask Emma to discuss this further with the AC. In actual fact the existing rules do allow this to happen.as no time is specified, just the length requirement.

Jump Course

Idea for pre gates at approx. 180 - 250 metres before the ramp to help the driver. Optional at this time and required in years to come.

Jump Judges

Provided the jump measurement judges can view the course directly fully they can also act as Jump Judges.

World Seniors

No change in view of the status of the Senior Trophy.

From 1st January 2003 all jump results must be published in Meters.

Rule 14.14

The sentence relating to a 5 minute rest after 2 re-rides was inadvertently ommitted from the last version of the rules and will be re-instated.

Eliminate traditional timing (and driving) methods for jump.

There are three jumping options at present - return to baseline; fast second; old style.

People are still using this, so no change.

Remove need for colored slalom timing buoys

No, not yet.

Permit starting at any line length below maximum speed in slalom

This is a request for skiing at divisional level.

There is no problem for a federation to do this, but the score is not valid until a complete pass has been run at regulation speed.

Allow Handle throw in slalom before any pass

It was felt unnecessary to change the rules as judges will grant a re-ride if you have unfair water/conditions.

Unobstructed view in tricks

It is the responsibility of the Chief Jude and Homologator to make sure the video for tricks has a good view of the skier.

Slalom Gate Video

Suggestion to have one judge on each gate tower with piped video from both gates. Does not find favour.

It is preferable to have video from the boat for buoy call decisions. Experience of judging from one side only is difficult.

End course video for jump

The AC believe an end course video for jump would be an improvement.

However the rules are in place that a straight line must be driven and all skiers and officials are responsible to notify the CJ of any driver who is not doing this.


Warm up pass for delays of 10 minutes or more

Yes agreed - one pass, non scoring

Trick video touchdown

When is a trick complete at end of pass - ski under the binder is on the water.

Basic and Reverse scoring

Agreed that the reverse and the basic have to be scored in the same pass to score both.

Repeating the pass

This does not have uniform application around the world.

General agreement to allow the skier to pick up from anywhere, repeat or take some from the second pass, but must be in the listed order. What is already done can score.

Beginning of pass definition

Suggestion from AWSA that if the skier is doing a pre-turn on a wake trick, timing should start as the ski starts to turn, OR when the ski lifts off the water, OR when the binding is over the crest of the wake.

The TC looked at this carefully and thought it to be a good concept, but the members would like to look at the concept in full and see if we could apply them for the future.

Remove must start buoys if Video is taken from the Boat.

Suggestion from AWSA as there is no need for this. However, TC feels the trick course buoys should remain as that is where you WANT the tricks to take place.

Eliminate the declared trick list requirements for all but Record events

Suggestion from AWSA to do this, in particular to stop skiers losing points because of a wrongly submitted list.

So the suggestion is to remove the list. All do not want to remove the submitted trick list.

Limitation of points in Ranking List from L competitions - 10,000 is the cut off figure as a maximum.

Trick List containing impossible sequences.

All agreed the skier can list the tricks in an illegal sequence. As long as he performs the tricks in a legal sequence. It is immaterial how you list the tricks.

Separating the basic from the reverse

Not agreed.

Trick Points review

A presentation from an EAME working group has put forward a matrix of revised trick points. It was agreed to publicise this list as something we are studying with a view to bringing in in a years time- and solicit feedback.

Matrix to be changed to show old points, new points, new tricks and email round to the WTC members.

Tricks without reverses

A request to have the front flip reverse was not accepted. The following tricks were discussed and the indicated reverses were added:

43 WFLIPF - no

53 WDFLIPB - no

54 WFLIPBFT - yes

56 WFLIPBBBT - yes

57 WFLIPBBF - yes

59 WFLIPB5F - yes

Retain the 6 flips maximum for this coming season.


JA wishes to see the judges sheets contain the correct code for each trick performed, not the shorthand. Agreed that the judges shorthand should be published so the skiers can see it.