World Wakeboard Council Annoucement
15 July 2002
It gives me great pleasure to announce that the 3rd IWSF Wakeboard Worlds will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Council were disappointed that the event could not be held in Agrinio, Greece but we felt that due to the difficulties we had experienced, we needed to look towards a site that could host the event towards the latter part of the year which would give Federations sufficient time to prepare.

Brazil presents an incredible opportunity for a hugh event and we have the advantage of good weather later in the year - late November early December. However, due to a major television involvement the date has yet to be finalised but will be announced very shortly.

We are also very excited as the event will be the first in region PANAM.

The site in Rio has hosted many major wakeboard competitions, including the Latin American championships.

We are also pleased to report that sliders and kickers will be incorporated for the first time within the competition.

The first bulletin will be released very shortly but if you require further information in the meantime please contact me.

The IWSF is proud to announce that once again Tigé Boats is the Official Boat Sponsor of the 2002 Wakeboard World Championships.

Colin Hart,

IWSF World Wakeboard Council

Best regards,

Kuno Ritschard