New Records have been established in Women's Ski Flying. The first ever competition in Women's Ski Flying was staged as part of Water Ski Magazine's America's Cup tournament held in September at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach, FL.
Water Ski Magazine held the experimental America's Cup tournament to try several new formats of competition as well as introduce Women's Ski Flying. Details of the event are available on the Water Ski Magazine website.

Prior to the tournament, the IWSF Tournament Council, at the request of the Athletes Advisory Committee, included new rules for this event at its meeting in September in Greece. With the inclusion of the rules came the possibility of the establishment of records in the event.

At the tournament, IWSF World Cup Champion Toni Neville AUS established the tournament best of 66.6 m (218 ft) in the 3rd round. Emma Sheers AUS came back the next day and matched that distance to co-hold the record. These performances have now established the mark for the World Record.