The picture is of Sara Lebogang, (10yrs old) and lives with her aunt & uncle on the farm of one of our barefoot family (Mias and Jackie Cilliers). Since she was 4 yrs old she has participated in gymnastics at Jackieísí club and has won numerous medals and awards for both gymnastics and tumbling. Since she started school, Mias and Jackie have sponsored her to go to an advanced school in town where their own children go and she responded with top marks academically.

Mias delayed her introduction to skiing due to a fear of water as a child, which she overcame slowly once she learnt how to swim. She herself asked to learn to ski after she saw of the Cillierís Children footing, and saw their medals.

This was her first time out on the water but she quickly picked up the stance & listened well to instruction.

Louis Palome