Communication regarding Entries for 2000 Wakeboard World Championships

2000 Wakeboard World Championships
Montpellier, France
September 13 - 17

By request of many National Federations and their respective Riders, and taking into consideration that the time frame allotted for submitting Entries for the 2000 Wakeboard World Championships was evidently not sufficient, in agreement with the Organizer the deadline for submitting final entries for the Championships has been extended to :

September 9, 2000.

Please note that this is absolutely the last possible date, so those who have still to submit an entry should do so as soon as possible

I will be sending separately, for those who have asked me for more details regarding the division and awarding of prizes for the different categories of competitors and the teams, more significant information in regard prepared by the secretary of the Wakeboard World Council, Mr. Colin Hart.

The entry forms which you will find in attachment, for those of you who have not already done so, can be submitted by the Federations for individual competitors and for teams, but also by single Riders, even if members of the WWA, who are free to send in their entry form and compete in the IWSF Championships, provided that they are also members of an IWSF National Federation. In this case however, for important reasons of security and insurance, the entry form will also have to be signed by their relative National Federation.

The IWSF is an International Federation recognized by the International Olympic Committee, and so should any Rider mount the podium to receive an award, he will do so wearing only the uniform of the nation they are representing, and in no way display affiliations to any sponsor. Once the Rider has descended form the podium of the IWSF Championships however, he may, while wearing the medal, display and/or make whatever advertising for his sponsor he wishes.

I ask you all to give the maximum diffusion of this communication on your respective websites or directly to all of your Riders!

Best regards to all of you and it will be my pleasure to see you in Montpellier.

Best regards to all,

Graziano Tognala
Secretary General
International Water Ski Federation (IWSF)

Contact details for the 2000 Wakeboard World Championships:

IWSF Headquarters: g.tognala@bo.nettuno.it
French Waterski Federation: ffsn@wanadoo.fr
Organizing Committee: liguelro@club-internet.fr

For any further information please feel free to contact the IWSF Headquarters.
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