Press Release - for immediate publication.
Communication to All Federations and All Riders of the World.

Technical Information for the 2000 Wakeboard World Championships

Dear Friends,

To further make clear the exact technical procedures concerning participation in the 2000 Wakeboard World Championship and thus extend the possibility of participation to the greatest number of Riders worldwide in both the team and individual entry categories for the Championships, you will find in attachment a comprehensible explanation of the requisites for both individual and team entries.

You will also find in attachment a Timetable of Events and the List of Officials for the Championships, in order to have an idea of the organization of the competitions and for your greater information in regard. All of this information is supplied by by Colin Hart, Secretary of the Wakeboard World Council and Chief Judge at the 2000 Wakeboard Worlds.

The numerous social events and opportunities for fun, distraction, relaxation and enjoyment, as well as television coverage of the Event, information on hotels, and much more of interest can be found on the website of the Organizing Committee:


 which can already be consulted in French, and within the next few days will also be in English. The website can also be accessed by going to iwsf.com and clicking on the link to the 2000 Wakeboard World Championships page.

The 2000 Wakeboard World Championships are a celebration of freedom, a celebration of Wakeboard, and and I am proud and happy to be able to attend this important and wonderful Event. I hope to see you there one and all.


Graziano Tognala
Secretary General
International Water Ski Federation (IWSF)



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