Water Ski After Sydney

------------------- Olympic Update 12/10/00 ----------------



In Sydney it was confirmed that the new managing team of the Athens Organising Committee(ATHOC) - now under direction of Mrs. Gianna Angeloupoulos, confirms and strengthens the Athoc's decision of July 99 to propose to the IOC the inclusion of only one new sport, Waterski, in the programme of the 2004 Olympic Games. A confirmation that was strengthened also through the excellent results obtained by the Greek athletes during the recent World Junior Championships.

Also in Sydney Greek government representatives strongly supported Waterski and personally intervened with the IOC to express the will of the Greek people to see our sport as Olympic sport in 2004.

The Athoc favourably accepted the IWSF's decision to organise the Olympic competition on its own site and not sharing the watersites of Canoeing and Rowing as originally planned. The Federations of Canoeing and Rowing were also satisfied by this decision.

Now it is up to the IOC to take the final decision upon request of the Athoc, decision which has been postponed several times in order to better observe the organisational development of the next Olympics. The organisational situation of the Games which was in the yellow phase, is now turning green and this makes a positive reply, we hope, all the more probable. Reply that, based on the words of President Samaranch, should be on the agenda for the IOC meeting in December.

A quest of over 50 years of uninterrupted work, marked by delusions, that could finally reach a much longed for success. The IWSF Bureau has worked with remarkable commitment towards the Athens Olympic Games since the fall of 1997. Three long years of hard constructive and pro-active work that has gained for us at least the complete support from Greece and the Greek people: now the final decision is up to the IOC.



The IWSF Headquarters