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"Banana" George Blair Supports IWSF

Polk City, Fla., - "Banana" George Blair, world renowned bare footer and trustee of the American Water Ski Educational Foundation (AWSEF) has made a donation in the amount of $25,000 toward the International Hall of Fame display that will be erected with the existing AWSEF Water Ski Hall of Fame building.

Kuno Ritschard, president of the International Water Ski Federation (IWSF), confirmed in a letter dated June 17, 2002 the IWSF Executive Board’s wish to include the International Hall of Fame in the current building provided the necessary funds of $250,000 are raised.

All IWSF Federations and individuals are being invited to make their commitment before December 31, 2002. Donors will receive recognition in relation to the amount of their contribution.

The plan is to celebrate the opening of this area September 2003 during the Water Ski World Championships being held at Swiss Ski School in Groveland, Fla.

The American Water Ski Educational Foundation, parent organization of the Water Ski Hall of Fame and Museum, was founded in 1968 as a non-profit foundation dedicated to the preservation of one of America’s most popular family recreational activities and to the encouragement of and education in the safe enjoyment of water skiing.