Report from Bob Corson

The International Water Ski Federation Tournament Council met for its annual meeting in Agrino, Greece at the Junior World Championships.

In their annual rules reivew, they considered recommendations from the three world regional Tournamet Councils.

Some of the major items discussed were a redefinition of the slalom gate rule, the optional use of three judges in tricks with video review, adoption of the American WAter Ski Association jump timing chart, opening of the jump ramp to 4 degrees, adoption of women ski fly rules, World Cup rules, and all-buoy timing.

Also, progress was made in the trick event with the council allowing the addition of new flips, but imposing a limitation of 6 flips for each competitor.

Experimental trick rules limiting the number of each type of trick will be tried in World Cup Events. Tricks were aproved as a World Cup event if enough organizers are willing to meet the event criteria.

New flips allowed will be WFLIPBF, WFLIP5B, WFLIP5F (and reverse) as well as the two filps under trick numbers 54 and 55 being made separate tricks.

The complete details will be published shortly when the meeting minutes are finalized.

Bob Corson
IWSF Tournament Council

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