In the fall of 1995, the American Water Ski Association (AKA USA Water Ski) and Correct Craft, Inc. resurrected the idea of the Century Club (100-foot Jump Club), which originated in 1955, to establish two new jump clubs known as the Men 200-Foot Jump Club and the Men 150-Foot Jump Club. In the spring of 1996, a group of very talented athletes were honored at the annual American Water Ski Associations' annual Hall of Fame ceremonies.

The 200- and 150-Foot Jump Clubs were established to recognize those athletes who have achieved such a feat for the first time amongst their peers in an IWSF-sanctioned tournament. These elite athletes receive a trophy, Certificate of Membership and the appropriate decals for their jump helmets and/or skis. The first induction ceremony was held in the spring of 1997 and included such great jumpers as (in order of date of achievement beginning in 1983): 200-Foot Club: Glenn Thurlow (202'), Mike Hazelwood (203'), Geoff Carrington (200'); Sammy Duvall (205'); Bruce Neville (203'); Jim Clunie (1992); Jaret Llewellyn (207); Carl Roberge (201'); Scot Ellis (207'); Kreg Llewellyn (202'); Andrea Alessi (1994); John Swanson (209'); Stefan Wild (1994); Freddy Krueger (204'); Paul Price (1995); Ron Thompson (200'); Mark Lane (200'); 150-Foot Club: Sue Lipplegoes (150'); Deena Mapple (151'); Camille Duvall (152'); Emma Sheers (1994); Sherri Slone (152'); Toni Neville (152') and Brandi Hunt (151').

Including this year's inductees (jumps achieved through October 31, 2002), there are a total of 75 members of the 200-Foot Jump Club and 34 members of the 150-Foot Jump Club. These athletes' accomplishments have distinguished them as extremely talented, courageous and gifted... and, in a class of their own.

Members of the 200-Foot Jump Club and the 150-Foot Jump Club are kept on file I the library of the American Water Ski Educational Foundation, Water Ski Hall of Fame.

An attractive trophy is given for the honor.