Message from the President

To:  All IWSF member federations
From:  Andres Botero - President IWSF
It has come to my attention that during the Waterski Expo event in Orlando next week, an unknown organization is promoting the first world wakeboard cable championships from September 14 - 16.
I must strongly advise all the IWSF member federations that such event is NOT recognized by the IWSF and riders and officials must not compete or judge in such event according to the IWSF statutes and Rules of Elegibility for competition and officials.
For your information our IWSF WORLD CABLE WAKEBOARD CHAMPIONSHIPS  will be staged in Duisburg, Germany in August  3-5, 2001.
Best regards,
Andres Botero
President IWSF

For any further information please feel free to contact the IWSF Headquarters.
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