2006 World University Championships Cancelled


On behalf of the Organizing Committee for the 2006 World University Water Ski Championships, scheduled for August 30 Sept. 3, 2006, I regret to inform you that the tournament has been cancelled. This was a very difficult decision for us but construction delays have made it difficult to have the Centre Lakes AquaPlex facilities ready by the tournament dates. In the best interest of the teams, officials and spectators making tournament preparations, we felt the decision was a necessary one at this time.


It has always been the goal of the Organizing Committee to prepare for this event in accordance with the high standards and competitive spirit that the International University Sports Federation (FISU) has brought to sporting championships all over the world. Our intent is to continue this tradition with the sport of water skiing and as development continues with the Centre Lakes AquaPlex, there will be a new world class facility for competitors all over the world to participate in future events. However, with too many uncertainties as to the completion of the facilities for this event, it would not be possible to provide our guests with the world class tournament that was being prepared.



While discouraged due to conflicts with the summer universiade, world championships have been postponed to odd years in the past and the organizing committee intends to explore this option over the next few weeks. We will continue communications for those interested in the progress of the AquaPlex, as well as information on future events at the complex via the website www.waterskichamps.com.




Holly Neale

Organising Committee Chairperson