Cable Wakeboard World Championships 2006




26th to 30th of July


Feldkirchen an der Donau





Bulletin N° 2






Held by:                                                                                


Anzing 8

4113 St. Martin







Stefan Kastner             +43 699 1910 1979       

Michael Krikula                         +43 699 1938 3819

Wolfgang Scheibner      +43 699 1632 3214       


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Dear wakeboarders

and friends of board sports,


After two successful years with the EAME Cable Championships in 2004 and the ONE Wakeboard Open in 2005 it’s a pleasure for us to welcome you at the


WWC Cable Wakeboard World Championships 2006



sponsored by: ONE, NOKIA, PROTEST

held in commission and with permit of the Austrian Waterski Federation (ÖWSV) and the district of Upper Austria in Feldkirchen, next to Linz.


Date: 26th to 30th of July 2006

Place: jetlake Cable Feldkirchen / Austria


After the great success from the last two years we are still motivated to improve our event and trying to organize the biggest Cable Wakeboard Worlds ever seen. Once again we would be very glad to welcome the best cable riders from all over the world. Therefore Stefan Kastner totally rebuilt his jetlake cable park:

We are looking forward to see all of you at the jetlake in Feldkirchen!


Important NEWS in Bulletin 2
1. Obstacles - provisional setup              Page 03

4. Entry Fee – Bank Details                   Page 05

6. Drug Tests                                       Page 05
8. Training                                            Page 06

9. Judge Panel                                     Page 06

14. Obstacle Competition on Sunday      Page 08
17. TV-Distribution                                Page 09

18. Summary of Intentions to Enter        Page 10
Entry Form                                           Page 11-12




1. Location


Feldkirchen is 20 minutes northwest from Linz (Austria’s biggest city after capital Vienna).

The recreation area, which is spread around five swimming lakes in Feldkirchen next to the Danube, has a magnetic effect on thousands of sun-bathers during the summer. In 2000 the company jetlake built the necessary infrastructure to transform the facility around the cable-lake to a communications hot spot for all sport freaks. The Austrian Wakeboard scene received new and unique impacts. The cable-facility represents a wonderful platform for training as well as international contests.



Jetlake, well known after the last two years, is situated on a lake in a beautiful green landscape next to the river Danube. It’s a Rixen cableway 4 mast system. New Height 10.1 Meters to 10.4 Meters.






















2. How to get there


2.1. By car:


2.2. By plane:

Best arrive at Linz-Hörsching airport

You can also arrive in Vienna or Salzburg airport (both about 2 hours by car)


2.3. By train:

            Straight to „Linz Hauptbahnhof”



We arrange a direct transport by minibus from airport Linz-Hörsching and railway station
Linz-Hauptbahnhof (Mainstation). Please inform us as soon as possible about your arrivals. Shuttle transport is only possible in teams.

During the competition a shuttle transport picks you up in the morning and brings you back in the evening. Times will be announced on the site.



3. Goodies for the riders



4. Entry

4.1. Entry Fee

Juniors and Boys/Girls                          100,oo Euro/person

Open Men/Women and Masters 130,oo Euro/person


The entry fee must be paid cash in Euro latest when you registrate at the competition venue  
or in advance via bank transfer:

Bank: Oberbank AG

Bank Number: 15013

Account Number: 04041027188

IBAN: AT021501304041027188



4.2. Nomination & entry

It is in the responsibilty of the National Federations to nominate their riders.

Official registration form on page 11-12.


4.3. Competition venue

jetlake Felkirchen

Badeseestrasse 6

4101 Feldkirchen



4.4. Conditions

The WWC Cable Wakeboard World Championships 2006 will be carried out according to the

IWSF World Cable Wakeboard Commission. A full copy of the rules will be available on: www.cablewakeboard.com



5. License

All riders should be members of their respective country’s IWSF affiliated Federation.



6. Drug Tests

We have to inform you about the possibility of dopping tests in all categories held by the international drug comitee.




7. Categories

A rider's age as of 1st. January 2006 of the current year will be used to determine age bracket.

If a rider was born in the following years, then they qualify for this category:
Boys                            1991 and after

Girls                            1991 and after

Junior Men                  1990 - 1989 - 1988 - 1987

Junior Ladies              1990 - 1989 - 1988 - 1987

Open Men                   No age restriction

Open Ladies               No age restriction

Masters Men                1975 or before

Masters Ladies            1975 or before



8. Training

Wednesday, July the 26th

·         Official training in teams/groups, no payment

·         Official Training lasts from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

·         We have to put together always 15 persons per hour

Please send an Email with the time your team wishes to train latest until 14th of July to Wolfgang Scheibner. Teams that don’t make a wish right in time get scheduled by the organizer. 

Further training is possible against payment on Monday, 24th and Tuesday 25th upon request.

9. Judge panel

Chief judge: Harry Sedlmayr - Germany

Chief judge Assistant: Robert Gattringer - Austria


  1. Mihovil Brebic               Croatia
  2. Nicole Freeman Great Britain
  3. Gyuri  Kirsch                Hungary
  4. Lu Le                           U.S.A.
  5. Florian Meeh                Germany
  6. Alex Peschel                U.S.A.
  7. Peter Wilkings              Australia
  8. T  B  A
  9. T  B  A

Chief scorer: Stephan Freeman  - Great Britain

Chief scorer Assistant: Bianca Wolfmayr - Austria

Jetty Marshall: Phillip Gubo - Austria



10. Accommodation


8.1. Bed & Breakfast

We managed several bed and breakfast accommodations in Feldkirchen for an average price (about 23 Euros/night) in distances from 1 to 10 km from the cableway. A free shuttle bus will take you daily to the site in the morning and bring you back in the evening/night. Schedules will be posted at the cable way stop and on the stops next to your accommodation.
Please notice, that some bed & breakfast don’t accept credit cards.

8.2. Camping

As mentioned before we arranged a riders only camping area next to the cableway, which is a little bigger than it’s used to be in 2004 and 2005, including cold shower and toilet. This is a closed area that riders only are allowed to stay. We will collect a fee of 10 Euros/person for garbage for the whole duration of the event.

Attention: There’s only space for a limited number of 60 tents. Please contact us in time.

For your friends and families there is the possibility of staying at the official camping ground, which is only about 5 min away from the cable way.

Please notice: The organizer is not responsible for any stolen or damaged equipment in or outside the whole event area, including also the riders area.


8.3. Reservation

Please contact Wolfgang Scheibner for any kind of accommodation:

wolfgang@jetlake.com or +43 699 1632 3214      

The first reservations will get the best rooms or a place at the camping area.



11. Rental Cars


EUROPCAR www.arac.at

Austrian Service Center: reservations@europcar.at

Tel.: +43 1/8661633, Fax: +43 1 8693714

VIENNA Airport Schwechat: viet01@europcar.at

Tel.: +43 1/7007 326 99, Fax: +43 1 7007 336 42

LINZ Airport Hörsching: lnzt01@europcar.at

Tel.: +43 7221/600 63 12, Fax: +43 732 772529

AVIS - www.avis.at

VIENNA Airport Schwechat: Tel.: +43 1 7007 32700

LINZ Airport Hoersching: Tel.: +43 72216006300

SIXT GmbH - www.sixt.com

Hotline: +43 800 1111 7498

BUDGET - www.budget.at

International Reservations: office@Budget.at
+43 (0) 7242-77774-16


12. Party & Side Events

International live-acts will show up performing reggae, ska, punk, Hip Hop and alternative music. In the last years we had up to 10.000 spectators and this year won’t be less.

Party Schedule
Wednesday:     Official Opening Ceremony

Thursday:         Welcome Riders Party

„Whatever DJ Sound” with ragga, dancehall, ska and punk vibes.

Friday:              Big Boarder Party with Radio FM4, Whatever Sounds and international live acts.

Saturday:          Big Boarder Party with Radio FM4, Whatever Sounds, live acts and FMX Show.
Check out our Website www.wakeboard.AG for further details on live-acts!



13. Boat Jam Session

As the years before we will run the Boat Jam Session, with some of the best riders from all over the world, to demonstrate Wakeboarding behind the boat. Therefore we got the brandnew Mastercraft X2 towboat. About 10 Riders will get an invitation to perform on Friday and Saturday evening after the cable comp and on Sunday noon.

If you think, that you are the men to perform at this Jam Session, please write us an E-Mail.



14. Obstacle Competition on Sunday

To demonstrate Cable Wakeboarding at its best, we are going to run a special obstacle competition on Sunday. Nice price guaranteed!



15. Official Homepage


Check out www.wakeboard.AG Magazine with the latest Wakeboard News around the world.

This, Platform and Communication Board will host the official Homepage for the Cable Worlds 2006.





16. Timetable (provisional)



Wednesday, July 26th

08:00 to 19:00 Official Training

19:00    Team captain meeting

20:00    Opening Ceremony       



Thursday, July 27th

09:00    Riders meeting

10:00    Start Qualification all categories

21:00    Boarders Welcome Party



Friday, July 28th

09:00    Continuation with Qualifications

11:00    LCQs all categories

16:00    Start Semifinals Open Men and Junior Men

Press Conference and Wakeboard Show

Riders presentation

19:00    Boat Jam Session

21:00    Boarder Party, DJ Sessions + Live acts



Saturday, July 29th

09:00    Continuation Semi Finals

13:00    Finals

Side Events for the crowd

19:00    Boot Jam Session and TV-Interviews with all winners

20:00    Prize giving ceremony

21:00    Boarder Party, DJ Sessions + Live acts



Sunday, July 30th

Reserve day

11:00    Boat Jam Session

Pro Wakeboard Show

Obstacle Competition

15:00    Chill out

17:00    End



17. TV Distribution

For this World Championships we work together with a big international TV-Distribution company, spreading free Material to any kind of TV-Stations and Formats.

The production includes:

If you stay in contact or know some channels or formats that need TV-Material. For additional distribution please contact Michael Krikula as soon as possible.




18. Summary of Intentions to Enter

Till now we got official Intentions from 15 federations:

We are optimistic to have up to 2 or 3 more federations from Europe. Also we think of having more Asian countries with us.
Fixed Age categories:

Men:                Men Open Men (40+), Junior Men (40+), Boys (20+), Masters men (20)
Women:          Open Ladies (8 today), Junior Ladies (6 today), Girls (8 today)

For the first time Masters Ladies category could be opened.




19. Contact



Stefan Kastner - Cable owner                             +43 699 1910 1979        officekastner@resi.at    

Michael Krikula - Press & Rider Coordination      +43 699 1938 3819        michael@snowboard.at 

Wolfgang Scheibner – Accommodation, Entry     +43 699 1632 3214        wolfgang@jetlake.com  


Telefax             +43-7232-2846-20

Web                www.wakeboard.ag



Contact WWC Cable Wakeboard Council

Chairman Hans Otte

Treskowallee 86

D 10318 Berlin


Phone:  +49 30 508 2264

Fax:     +49 30 503      821 90

e-mail:  wakeboard-otte-berlin@t-online.de        




Looking forward to ride with you.

Please inform us about your participation as soon as possible.

If you need help, please feel free to contact us!!!








WWC Cable Wakeboard World Championships 2006


26th to 30th of July - Feldkirchen an der Donau / AUSTRIA





The ____________________________ Federation enters the following riders:



Family name

first name

sex (m, f)


date of birth



















































































































TEAM CAPTAIN:   ________________________________________






The undersigned Federation Official certifies, that the information listed above is true and that the registered riders are in possession of a wakeboard license and a valid insurance, and relieves the organizer, the organizing Federation, the officials and the IWSF of any responsibility for any accident, which could occur to the riders during the competition and training.



Name of Federation official: ____________________

Position in Federation: ________________________

Phone: ___________________

E-Mail: ___________________



Date                                                      Signature of Federation official                                                                     



Please send this form latest by 16 July, 2006 to the organizer and to the World Cable Wakeboard Commission. See contacts bellow!
For entries received after 16th July 2006 a penalty will be applied per day and rider as per IWSF Bye-laws 15.2.4



Organizer:                                                                World Cable Wakeboard Commission:


Mr. Wolfgang Scheibner                                    Mr. Hans Otte

E-Mail: wolfgang@jetlake.com                                       E-Mail: Wakeboard-Otte-Berlin@t-online.de

Telefax: +43-7232-2846-20                                            Telefax: +49 30 50 38 21 90
Phone: +43 699 1632 3214                                           Phone: +49 30 50 82 264

Adress: Anzing 33                                                            mobile: +49 172 3001340

4113 St. Martin



For further details please check out the official homepage www.wakeboard.ag