Joulia Meier-Gromyco  (Belarus)

It is not the ifrst time that we nominate Joulia as our Female Cableski skier of the year, but she is at present really the top in Cableski;
During the 2006 World cableski Championships Joulia took onlher own three gold medals, tricks, jump and overal and finished fourth, just missing the podium in slalom. With these scores she was surely the person helping the Belarus team also winning the World overall title.

During these Worlds Joulia also made sure the homologator had work to do and broke the World Tricks record first in the preliminary round and later in the final round again. Both dossiers were entered to the World Council for ratification.

At the Cableski World and Region EAME Ranking List Joulia is second in tricks, jump and overall and fourth slalom, showing that is still remains a very constant skier.

In addition to her skiing Joulia is also active as the trainer of most of the younger upcoming skiers in Germany and The Netherlands.
As the skiers representative for Region EAME, she is working hard with the Council as the voice of the athletes.



Andreas Pape  (Germany)


Andreas Pape became the 2006 World Overall Champion after a superb competition.
With his first place in overall, a second place in jump and a fourth place in slalom, he surely also contributed very much to silver medal in the World for team Germany.

Andreas Pape might not be very well known in the World outside Cableski, because he is an overall skier. Andreas is not the top jumper, he is almost the best, not the top slalom skier, he is the second best, not the top tricker, but still very good. All this makes him the Calbeski Overall athlete. The Overall title and his first position on the World and Region EAME Ranking List just prove this.