IWSF 2002 World University Water Ski Championships

Bulletin No.3

Dear water ski friends,

Welcome to the 1st University Worlds!

The 2002 IWSF University World Water Ski Championships will be held in 3 weeks at a newly built man-made lake in the Dongli District of Tianjin City, China.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to make the following report on the preparations for the tournament:

1, Entries:
Right now the organizing committee has received 18 nominal entries from: Austria, Australia, Chile, Chinese Hong Kong, Colombia, China, Finland, Germany,
Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. About 60 skiers will compete in this the first University Worlds.

We are still expecting those associations who have submitted preliminary entries to send the nominal entries to the organizing committee as soon as possible. Other IWSF Fedearations are also welcomed to send skiers to the tournament.

2,  Facilities:

a, Road: A four lane road leading into the site, which took two months to build was finished 2 weeks ago.

B, Skier's Pavilion: A big building, which has a multi-function, includes a water ski museum, press conference room, café room, storage and rest rooms was
finished a week ago. From the second floor of the building, you can see the whole lake with a impressive view (photo attached). The new and the first water ski museum in China will be opened during the championships.

C, Other facilities: With the help of the IWSF University Commission, the technical preparations are going well. The layout of the lake is to be finished before August 6 and all technical preparations will follow the IWSF Rules and standard
for a world event.

D, Boats and jump ramp: Three boats will be used for the tournament. Towboats will be newly imported Ski Nautiques with 330HP and cruise control systems. A 1999 Ski Nautique with 315HP and the same speed control system (Perfect Pass) will be used for backup and ski show presentations.

A newly built jump ramp, which was just built two month ago and was used for a Pro Jump tournament in Jilin, China in June, will satisfy any top jumpers, who want to create a new world jump record at the
first university worlds.

3, Media coverage and spectators:

China’s Central Television (CCTV), which has the world's largest number of viewers, as well as the Tianjin Television, will telecast the tournament live.

About a billion people will watch the tournament on TV.

Other media, like China’s Sports Daily, the Tianjin Daily and many other news media will give a full report of the tournament.

The IWSF University Commission will  make daily internet reports all over the world.

Also, according to estimate of the local organizers, over one hundred thousand fans will enjoy the tournament at the site.

4, Receptions and parties:

a, All participants will be arranged for a airport pick up if they submit the organizing committee arrival information(arrival date, flight number) in time.
b, A grand opening ceremony will be held at the site on Thursday evening August 22nd.

c, Awards and Closing Ceremonies and a farewell party will be held on the evening of August 25, at which all medals, cups will be awarded to the winners.

d, All participants and officials will be staying at the official hotel. And two other backup hotel are also prepared. anyone who has not received their visa letters please contact us immediately.

5, VIP officials and distinguished guests:
According to the local organizers and the Chinese Olympic Committee, the president and vice president from the Chinese NOC, mayor and other important officials from  China’s third largest city government, as well as IWSF president, secretary general,
world university commission chairman and other officials will attend the tournament .

6, Some important issues to be noted:
a, All participants should re-confirm their arrival information before August 15.

b, All participating teams should bring their flags and national anthem (cassette or CD) when they come.

We believe, with the great effort and help from the Tianjin Municipal Government, the Vanke Group(sponsor), the International Water Ski Federation's University Commission and other bodies and organizations concerned, the first IWSF University
Championships will be a complete and total success, possibly the largest IWSF World Championships ever held.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

For further information, please contact:

The Chinese Water Ski Association.
Email: chwaterski@yahoo.com.cn; Weidong_liu@yahoo.com
Fax: 0086-10-67112793