Election information

With the new Statutes and Regulations being in force from 1st October 2002, as decided by the ordinary IWSF Congress 2001 in Biella, there will be for the first time official elections at the Extraordinary IWSF Congress 2002 for the positions of the President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer and the three Vice-Presidents.

The enclosed document will give you a clear picture of the new structures of the IWSF.

Elections procedures for President, Secretary General, Treasurer

Member Federations have the possibility to nominate candidates for the positions of the President, the Secretary General and the treasurer in writing by the 20th July 2002 to the IWSF Headquarters in Bologna. This may be done via email or fax (email: iwsf@nettuno.it, fax: +39.051.615.5015).

The nominations must include:

1. a statement signed by the nominee confirming his willingness to stand for election.

    1. a statement from the nominee confirming either (a) he has no Material Commercial Interest(s) relating to Water Skiing or, (b) if he does have any such interest(s), then setting out in full the nature and extent of such interest(s).
    2. a statement of reasonable length made by each nominator in support of the nomination

These positions are presently held by:

President: Kuno Ritschard, Switzerland

Secretary General: Jeffry Armstrong, USA

Treasurer: Chris Howarth, Hong Kong

They plan to stand for reelection.

Elections procedures for the Vice-Presidents

Each Region can propose to the Congress two candidates for election. Proposals must be made in writing by the 20th July 2002 to the IWSF Headquarters in Bologna and must be accompanied by the same statements as mentioned above.

Each Region will decide on the procedure how they select their candidate(s). The voting Members of the Regions at the Extraordinary Congress will elect their Vice-President.

The enclosed document will inform you of the duties and role of the Vice-Presidents.

If a Region fails to present a candidate, Art 63 of the Articles of the Association will be applied. It reads:

"Any vacancy on the Executive Board howsoever occurring may be filled by the Executive Board at its discretion".

All elections will be by secret ballot even if there is only one candidate for a position. The Executive Board has voted that these first elections held at an extraordinary Congress will be exceptionally for a three year term to allow the statutory biennial elections from 2005 onward.