>Pan Am Report by Vern Oberg
Nov. 29 What I saw today ...


Everyone was absolutely amazed at Javier Julio's hand pass including me. Unbelievable! He put together combinations of flips, lines and wakes in sequences that absolutely nobody does with a power of athleticism that I have not witnessed but he is not the leader - Jaret holds that followed by Russel Gay.

Freddie Krueger is in the Trick Final! He had 2 hand passes and his first one included at least 5 flips that were perfect!

Jimmie Siemers had a great first pass and a not so great second pass but the master of disaster stated as he returned to the dock stated - "well, I am walking back" with a laugh - this is a sportsman!!!

Some good results in Jumping - no major crashes except one near the end of the dia. The pick-up boat cut the anchor line for the jump. Major delay and the Open Men's event was cancelled until tomorrow.

"Jaime" Siemers went out last with a letter "P" - about 4 down from what he could have - less smoke than Burris but similar distance - can't wait until the finals.

Can't go live - network on site is toast and I think it is a virus that is causing the problem and, no tools to fix it -just yet. Boescher Jump system almost crapped out as well but found a fix (thank god for Argentina who use Euro Systems and PAL). Need more duct tape!!! My camera battery charger got toasted with the 220 volt power so I am begging others to send digi pics to ski fly and IWSF dot com.

Sorry about the late reporting etc - In less than an hour from now, I am on the bus,

Pan Am Region congress meeting later this evening - Trying to get Jim Jaquess to take my job but ran out of "whine"!!! ha ha ha. Thus - you may get another 4 am report - Chileno time!

This is the best group of competitors and comraderie that I have seen in many Pan Ams. You have to be here to soak up the feeling. I wish I could have a computer at the starting dock to report live because you would all be proud of the skiers that have been selected by your countries to represent you.