Vern Oberg reports:

The Pan Am Championships heats up the competition as it is one of the qualifying events for the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo next August. The skiers are NOT throwing caution to the wind to get a good score - ONLY a score that will get them to the finals. So far, it is a battle of the coaches as they guide their team members through their events.

Huge battles in the Junior events as it is a precursor to the World Juniors which will be held on this exact spot in January of 2003. Some heated battles in Slalom and Tricks between favorite Pipe (Pee - pay) MIranda of Chile and Aaron Rathy of Canada is a precursor to the big event. Pipe fell in tricks, totally down and out (but he had his ski on!!!). He tumble turned out of it and had the intensity to grab another flip to gain huge points in overall - absolutely spectacular. Jumping will decide the outcome but, there are also the finals..... Stay tuned it is heating up in Santiago.... I have computer experts trying to unlock the mystery of the Chileno internet service and we might go live if we can...

Oh, by the way, water was calm with an interesting head wind for the cut and NADA at the ramp. As they break their counter (due to the tree protection), they will get big time wide!!!! The CC Boats are running perfectly and I never saw a flag of any kind all day.....

Yours truly,

Vern Oberg, Pres.
IWSF Pan Am Region